John Brodersen, Becky Stanley’s Husband & Their Marriage

John Brodersen Becky stanley

John Brodersen marriage to Becky Stanley, the daughter of prominent pastor Charles Stanley, has certainly put the spotlight on him. 

From the very beginning, their relationship was one built on faith and commitment, resulting in a beautiful family of five that continues to thrive even after two decades. 

This article will delve into the life of John Brodersen, from his marriage to Becky Stanley to their decision to settle down in Dallas, Texas, and everything in between.

Beyond his well-known familial ties, discover the achievements of John Brodersen and the life they’ve built together.

John Brodersen, Becky Stanley's Husband & Their Marriage

Marriage to Becky Stanley

Becky Stanley, the daughter of a famed pastor and televangelist Charles Stanley, has established a strong foundation in faith that she shares with her husband, John Brodersen. 

After tying the knot, the couple resided in Atlanta to further commit to their partnership and grow together. As a testament to the strength of their relationship, they have been married for over twenty years, supporting one another through each step of their journey.

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From Atlanta to the West Coast, and Then to Dallas

The early years of John and Becky’s marriage were spent in Atlanta, enjoying the city’s diverse experiences and pursuing their goals. 

However, a calling for change brought them to the West Coast, allowing for new opportunities and a fresh start. It was only a few years after moving to the West Coast that they finally decided to settle down in the beautiful and bustling city of Dallas, Texas.

Raising a Family Together

Throughout their two-decade-long marriage, John Brodersen and Becky Stanley have welcomed three wonderful children into their lives. 

They first welcomed their son, Jonathan Brodersen, who has grown up to be a shining example of the love and faith John and Becky share. 

Two years after the birth of their first child, they welcomed a daughter named Annie Brodersen, further expanding their loving family. Finally, the arrival of their third child cemented the Brodersen family as a complete unit, firmly rooted in the values and faith that have guided them all along.

Career and Achievements

While much of the attention surrounding John Brodersen stems from his marriage to Becky Stanley and their connection to Charles Stanley, it’s essential not to overlook his personal accomplishments. 

Although details of his career are not widely publicized, it’s clear that John has successfully carved his own path, separate from the Stanley family’s spotlight. This serves as a reminder of his independence and dedication to providing for his family.

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John Brodersen as a Husband and Father

Over the years, John Brodersen has demonstrated his commitment to being a loving and supportive husband and father. 

As a partner to Becky Stanley, he has offered unwavering spiritual support and encouragement, allowing them to nurture their relationship and grow closer together. As a father to their three children, John has been devoted to raising them with the same strong foundation of faith and love he shares with Becky.


Though John Brodersen may not have initially been in the public eye, his marriage to Becky Stanley and the life they’ve built together have captured the hearts of many. 

While much can be said about their connection to prominent pastor Charles Stanley, the true story lies in their love, and faith.