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John J. Bommarito

As one of the most respected personalities in the automotive industry, John Bommarito hails from an automotive family known for their strong work ethic and continuous efforts.

Having had a passion for cars ever since he was a child, he was already washing and parking cars by 12 years old. The next step in his career at the age of fifteen was to be promoted to the service and parts department, where he was able to learn the techniques of how the organization worked. 

During his junior year at Christian Brothers College High School, he spent after school hours working at the Ellisville automotive store.

John Bommarito grew up as a bright student and, despite being admitted to a prestigious university and graduating in the top two percent of his class, took a risk to pursue an automotive career. As a highly celebrated individual in the global automotive industry, he has lived up to his family heritage. 

He started off selling Mazdas but then moved on to Nissan as the finance manager because of his passion for the automotive industry. His career progressed to sales and general management shortly afterward.

Additionally, during the same period, Bommarito Automotive Group developed a nationwide subsidiary known as Bommarito Cellular. In his role as general manager, John consistently achieved record-breaking sales after being transferred to this division. 

His determination, courage, and resilience allowed him to establish over sixty retail stores, a nationally recognized ‘Buy a Car Get a Phone Program’ with over 300 auto dealers at such a young age.

Later with his hard-earned savings, John Bommarito purchased an Oldsmobile Cadillac store from bankruptcy in 1992. This made him the US’s youngest Cadillac dealer at just 29 years old.

The location became the go-to garage for all automotive needs of St. Peters, Missouri residents after he added Mazda to the line-up. 

John’s relentless efforts and determination caught the attention of many, and after some years, with all the success and growth, Richard Beattie, Mazda’s past president, asked him to serve on Mazda’s national dealer council.

Distinguished for his sales and service in the automotive sector, John Bommarito was awarded the “President Clubs,” a prestigious award from Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Volkswagen, and Toyota. The Bommarito Automotive Group has gradually achieved its current stature of success since its founding over 50 years ago.

Due to the John and the companies success and fame, a multi-year agreement was drafted between Curtis Francois, the owner of World Wide Technology Raceway, and John Bommarito, the president of Bommarito Automotive Group.

This agreement and sponsorship brought excitement and enthusiasm for world-class Indycar Series racing back to the St. Louis region,  a truly international event.   

Aside from the continued growth of the Bommarito Automotive Group and setting record sales highs, John has also received special recognition from his manufacturing partners. 

The relentless work of John Bommarito, coupled with his tenacity and outstanding negotiating skills, has led to exponential growth for over two decades. The company has expanded to more diverse locations and added other car franchises as well.

Additionally, when General Motors’ phased-out Oldsmobile, the Buick franchise was acquired to replace, as well as Honda, Ford, Volkswagen,  and Toyota franchises in Hazelwood market place.

The automotive industry is evolving under John’s leadership as the industry continues to prosper. Jordan Anderson and the Bommarito Automotive Group have successfully run a NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series team since 2016, after meeting at WWT Raceway. Most recently they have also added an Xfinity Series Team in 2021.

It was revealed at the 2017 St. Louis Auto Show that the Bommarito Automotive Group 500 would be brought to their hometown. As the title sponsor of the inaugural INDYCAR Series race, brought all of the cars and stars to WWT Raceway, the now formally  Gateway Motorsports Park.

In the St. Louis bi-state region alone, this partnership has a 50-million-dollar economic impact each year and is just the beginning of things to come. Moreover, in November 2017, John was also nominated and appointed one of the directors of the St. Louis Sports Commission.

Eventually, by 2019, Bommarito Automotive Group Indycar Series races became the third-largest in the series. Keeping up with that, John Bommarito has been nationally recognized by Indy Car for his ‘Audience Enhancement Program’, which led to record attendance at the Bommarito 500 after only two events in St. Louis. 

In Addition, after many years of hard work, in  2022 Curtis Francois and John, with the success of the Bommarito 500 added the first ever NASCAR series Cup Race in June.  Over 100,000 people attended from all over the world and was a huge success for both NASCAR and the St Louis Region.

“Success is the culmination of repeated efforts, considerable risks, and countless mistakes,” says John Bommarito

The business John’s father Frank Bommarito started 50 years ago as a single-point Oldsmobile dealer has grown into Missouri’s top choice for consumer automotive needs.

Bommarito Automotive Group continues to experience unprecedented growth under the leadership of his son, John, and over 1000 team members. In John Bommarito’s capable hands, the automotive empire they started just over 50 years ago will continue to thrive.

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