John Mulaney On Welcoming A Child & Speculation Regarding The Split

John Mulaney On Welcoming A Child & Speculation Regarding The Split

John Edmund Mulaney, full name John Edmund Mulaney, is a stand-up comedian. Apart from that, he is also an actor, writer, and producer. He has worked on many commercial and critical successes, such as Saturday Night Live, Kid Gorgeous, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch and etc. 

He has also performed in voice acting roles, as well. Ranging from Big Mouth to the Academy Award-winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, he has accomplished a lot. Most recently, he was met with a divorce but as they say, the show must go on.

Early Years

John Mulaney was born on August 26, 1982. His parents were Charles Mulaney Jr. and Ellen Mulaney. Born in Chicago, Illinois, his mother was a professor at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law and his father was a partner and attorney at Skadden Arps. 

He had 4 siblings with two brothers and two sisters. One of his brothers died in infancy, and John Mulaney kept his confirmation name as Martin as an honor to his brother, who was named Peter Martin. John was four years old at the time. 

John Mulaney knew from a very early age that he wanted to enter the show business. From the age of seven participating in skits to the age he entered professionally, he had always been a fan of comedies.

John Mulaney’s First Marriage

John Mulaney married Anna Marie Tendler – his makeup artist and lampshade artisan. They made vows on 5th July 2014 and their wedding was carried out by their friend, Dan Levy. The event was carried out in Boiceville, New York.

Sadly, things didn’t work out between the two, and John Mulaney and Anna Marie announced their separation in May of 2021. John Mulaney filed for divorce in July of the same year, with the divorce finalizing in January 2022. 

Separation with Anna Marie

In May 2021, news broke that John Mulaney and Anna Marie are going to be separated. Anna Marie at the time gave a statement to The New York Post regarding her separation, “I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.” 

The separation was announced five months after John Mulaney admitted himself into rehab for 2 months for drug and alcohol abuse. It should be noted that Page Six reported in May that John Mulaney was asked by Anna Marie for a divorce a quarter before the news of their split became public.

Speculation Regarding the Split

Page Six reported that a source told them that in September 2021, Anna Marie suspected that John Mulaney had been unfaithful before their separation and divorce. “Anna Marie knew he was doing things with other women before he went to rehab in December. And his claims to friends that he was trying to protect her before he went away to rehab were rubbish, she didn’t need protecting,” the source revealed.

The same insider added, “John was using Anna Marie to protect himself. But still, she was very heartbroken that he decided to end her marriage, she was heartbroken how it went down, it wasn’t something that she wanted, she wanted to work it out. I am sure this news about the pregnancy will be very difficult for her.”

Another source revealed that John Mulaney started texting other women on Instagram for potential meetings during the lockdown. “John really suffered through a lockdown last year. Anna Marie moved to Washington, DC, to work at the Smithsonian on a project and he was back in NYC and out of control,” 

The insider further said, “He was DM’ing women on Instagram for hookups — whether he went through with anything, we don’t know—and by December he’d fallen off the wagon again and was abusing drugs and alcohol.”

John Mulaney’s Marriage with Olivia Munn

In May 2021, the same month it was announced that John was separating from his wife, it was announced that John Mulaney has begun dating actress Olivia Munn. And later in the year in the month of September, they both announced that they were expecting a child.

Just after a month separating from his wife Anna Marie, John Mulaney and Olivia Munn started dating. John Mulaney confirmed and announced Olivia Munn’s pregnancy on Late Night Show With Seth Meyers, in an interview on September 2021. 

“I got into this relationship that’s been really beautiful with someone incredible,” he revealed. “And we’re having a baby together. I was nervous when I was about to say the news!” he added. “Olivia and this baby have helped save me from myself in this early journey out of recovery.”

Their son was born on November 24, 2021. Olivia Munn, 41-year-old herself, shared a photo of John Mulaney and their newborn named Malcolm. The photo was captioned, “The smooshiest smoosh (And yep, our Christmas tree is still up).”

Reaction to Olivia Munn and John Mulaney’s child

Friends and colleagues of the couple could not get enough of the stars’ child and their newborn gift. They were met with many comments. Alyssa Milano commented, “Bring him to meet the horses. Those lips. So adorbs. My tree is still up too.” One fan confided, “Sobbing my eyes out goodbye.”

Olivia Munn has shared some photos of her son on social media, much to the delight of her 2 million-plus followers. 

Anna Marie Tendler’s Reaction to John Mulaney’s Child

John Mulaney’s first wife’s reaction to his newborn was quite a shock. She has responded to the whole event transpiring as surreal. 

She gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar on the 11th of this month and broke the silence on the whole affair. The child Malcolm was born less than a year after their separation. 

“I had a lot of bad days and medium days. I wouldn’t say I had any good days until the summer,” Anna Marie Tendler said. “Everything that has transpired has been totally shocking and I think surreal. In a way, I feel like, well, it can only go up from here, because I reached the depth of where I could go.” 

“There were things I never even thought about before because that was just a closed door. So now that it feels like not as much of a closed door, it’s something that I ruminate on a lot,” Anna Marie said after she declared she now plans to freeze her eggs after John Mulaney’s child’s coming into this world. 

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