How Jonathan Gary Sr is Strengthening the Community and Helping People Achieve ‘The American Dream’

Jonathan Gary Sr

Everyone has goals in their lives – goals that we strive to achieve every day. For most people, these goals are related to their personal gain i.e. getting their dream job, buying a big house and car, and so on. However, there are some people who look beyond this and are working every day for the welfare of not only themselves but those around them. These individuals do not just care about their own gain, they care about the people in their surroundings and are working day and night to ensure that these people reach their full potential. Jonathan Gary Sr. is the perfect example of such individuals.

Jonathan Gary Sr is a thriving serial entrepreneur and real estate investor. Originally hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, Jonathan relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida in his early 20s to pursue his professional goals. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix in 2008, Jonathan worked here and there for a while till he started his first venture, Vulture Investment Firm LLC, which was more like a dream turn into reality for him. Since then, he has been unstoppable.

A year later, in 2014, Jonathan started his other second venture, i-KARE Treatment. This venture came about after Jonathan started a community housing project with his wife. Through this project, Jonathan and his wife aimed to make a difference in their local community by offering help to adults suffering from substance abuse. The project proved to be a successful one, but Jonathan’s quest to help the community did not stop here.

In 2017, he established Earth Florida, the largest CBD/Hemp Dispensary in the state. The main goal of Earth Florida is to “restore lives through natural and pure remedies.” The company is committed to making CBD accessible for those who need it the most and is at the forefront of unlocking the potential of cannabidiol and its benefits. Earth Florida offers different CBD-based products, mainly oils, edibles, and concentrates.

Since the beginning, Jonathan has been interested in real estate. Although he pursued a degree in a completely unrelated field, he eventually pursued his interest by starting his own venture that, not-so-surprisingly, reached the height of success within a short span of time. He is also the founder of Manhood Mentorship, a mentorship program that assists teenage boys and men to gain the education and skills they need to become better leaders.

What makes Jonathan stand apart from others is the fact that he does not only focus on himself but rather the whole community. Jonathan’s ultimate aim is to help build a stronger community – one where every individual can flourish and make the most out of their capabilities – and he is doing just that through his ventures. His background, which involves working multiple jobs and starting his own successful ventures, has equipped Jonathan with a high-level of experience, leadership, and professionalism that is helping him thrive in his primary profession i.e. his real estate business.

“Being a black man in a white country, it was not exactly easy for me to achieve everything I have today. Although I was born and raised in the U.S, people still looked at me as an outcast and this made things really difficult for me. I was strong enough to thrive in such conditions too, but I understand many others are not, which is why I am actively paving ways to success for these people so that they can also achieve their dreams too,” he says.

With honesty and integrity, along with determination, Jonathan strives to make the community a better place to live in and help people achieve ‘The American Dream’ by offering lucrative real estate investment opportunities. Jonathan’s passion, coupled with his principles that he strictly follows in his business dealings, is what has helped him reach heights of success in such a short span of time. He is truly an inspiration for young individuals who want to build something substantial in their lives that will not only help them but others around them too.

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