Who Is Juan David Ortiz’s Wife? Updates On His Murder Trail

Juan David Ortiz wife

Who is Juan David Ortiz’s wife? People were searching for her name as they were curious to know her role in the Juan David Ortiz murder trial. 

Let’s find out who is Juan David Ortiz’s wife. Was she involved in his murder trial? 

Juan David Ortiz Murder Trial

Melissa Ramirez’s autopsy report revealed in the court shook her family. Her autopsy report revealed that she was shot not once but multiple times. 

The case proceeds to week two of the murder trial of the ex-Border Patrol agent, who was convicted of being a serial killer. 

In court, Juan admitted that he killed four women four years ago. After his confession, the defense said that Juan was pressured.  

Monday morning, Webb County Medical Examiner Dr. Corrine Stern was invited by the prosecutor to the witness stand. Corrine has performed 7,000 autopsies in her career, four of which were performed in September 2018. 

The victim’s family watched as Corrine guided the jury through the autopsy report. A disturbing autopsy report can be difficult for a victim’s family to hear, and the same case happened with Melissa Ramirez’s family as they were shocked to hear her autopsy. 

Corrine said that there were bullet fragments found in her body. The bullet was fired from Ortiz’s pistol. 

Corrine explained the conditions of Claudine Anne Luera, Melissa Ramirez, Griselda Alicia Hernandez Cantu, and Janelle Enriquez Ortiz.

She noted that Melissa was 29 years old at the time of her death. She also said she was shot multiple times. 

Stern read out the autopsy report, “She had a gunshot entrance wound. It was on the right side of the jaw in the mandible. The wound path was from right to left and down.” 

Texas Ranger EJ Salinas also came on the witness stand and answered the questions related to the murder. 

An unfortunate incident occurred during the court’s hearing as one jury fainted during the autopsy report section. At that moment, the court was dismissed for the rest of the day. 

All the victims were killed in Laredo, but Ortiz is in San Antonia for the trial. The jurors were watching a ten hours video of the interrogation performed on Ortiz. In the video, it was seen that he was confessing to the killings. 

It was confirmed that the crimes took place during a two-week span in 2018. The four women that were killed were found to be s*x workers.

In the interrogation video, Ortiz said that he disliked women, which was why he killed them. 

Ortiz said, “I was like, you know what, these people, they’re not good people, so I convinced myself of that.”

Ortiz’s defense team and the interrogation team were arguing as his defense team claimed that Ortiz was pressured to admit in the interrogation. 

Ortiz’s attorney told the investigators whether they ignored the fifth amendment, which involves the right to stay silent. The court’s next hearing is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 8:30. 

Who is Juan David Ortiz’s wife?

According to sources, Juan David Ortiz’s wife is Daniella J. Ortiz. The couple has three children. 

People wanted to know whether she was involved in the murder trial with her husband. But, there has been no evidence shared in the court which could consider her to have the slightest involvement in the murder trial. 

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