Judge Lynn Toler’s Husband’s Photo – What Happened To Him?

Judge Lynn Toler husband photo

Judge Lynn Toler’s husband’s photo was posted on Instagram by his wife.

Judge Lynn Toler of “Divorce Court” fame announced the death of her husband, Eric Mumford, on January 4, 2023. 

Eric died on December 23, 2022, at the age of 71, but the cause of his death has not been made public. 

Judge Toler shared a video on Instagram to announce the news and pay tribute to her husband of 33 years. The video features the words “Beautiful Man. Both inside and out” and the song “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker playing in the background. 

Thousands of fans have expressed their condolences to Judge Toler following the announcement

Who was Eric Mumford?

Born in Ohio on January 1, 1951, Eric was a proud husband, father, and grandfather. He met Lynn in 1986, and their relationship blossomed into a 33-year-long marriage. 

He met the love of his life, Lynn Toler, in 1986. After a year of dating and a two-year engagement, the couple exchanged vows and embarked on a journey of love and companionship. 

Over the course of their marriage, Eric and Lynn built a beautiful family, having two children, William and Xavier, of their own. 

Eric was also a proud father to four sons from his previous marriage. 

Despite keeping a low profile, Eric was a constant presence in Lynn’s life, making occasional appearances on her Instagram and offering a glimpse into the personal world of the beloved TV judge.  

A former accountant, Eric lived a quiet life but was widely loved by all who knew him. His sudden death left Lynn and many others in pieces. 

Lynn Toler shared the journey of their marriage

Lynn Toler, a renowned lawyer and author of Doing Marriage Work, is best known for her 13-year hosting role on the popular television series Divorce Court. 

Despite her fame, little is known about her husband, Eric Mumford, affectionately referred to as “Big E” by Toler. 

Judge Toler shared Lynn and Eric’s relationship journey on their 33rd anniversary, where she acknowledged the ups and downs but emphasized the importance of the journey. 

In an op-ed in 2017, Lynn talked about her relationship with Eric and revealed how Divorce Court helped save their marriage. 

Despite the show’s exaggerated and “voyeuristic” appearance, it played a critical role in getting their relationship back on track during a rough patch in its 19th year.

Judge Lynn Toler, who served as the host of the TV series Divorce Court for 13 years, learned a valuable lesson about marriage while on the job. 

Lynn Toler and Eric Mumford’s marriage faced challenges by year 19. They barely communicated and avoided each other. 

Eric was angry and depressed and blamed Lynn for everything, while Lynn saw him as inconsiderate and unresponsive to her needs. 

She wrote that the cases she encountered made her realize the importance of communication and overcoming insecurities. 

She and her husband, Eric Mumford, took the time to understand each other’s perspectives and work through their problems, which helped them maintain a long-lasting marriage. 

Despite this, Toler acknowledges that marriage is a journey with changes along the way, but they have consciously tried to stay committed to each other. 

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