Junaid Iftikhar

Junaid Iftikhar, A Shining Name Of GCC market

An exclusive interview with Junaid Iftikhar, CEO of TechMindz Company and an Expert Business Consultant in the domain of GCC market.

Tell us about yourself?

I was born in KSA, being a child I was always an enthusiastic person by nature and loved to see people grow. Later, I went to Pakistan for higher studies and achieved a degree in MBA –Finance. With an aim to bring a change in people`s life I started my career as a consultant in 2004. My domain of consultancy was mainly restricted to business owners and managers, and my orientation was to provide them with a simple and effective solution in the form of Oracle Applications. Fortunately, people loved my work, and I became a part of 40+Implementation across different business lines.

In 2016 I established my company “TechMindz” with the help of my teammates and started serving people in KSA & Pakistan. Soon we became an essential body of the GCC market. Our experience, knowledge and energetic nature allowed us to provide a cost-effective, efficient and niche-oriented solution for our clients.

While establishing a company, I came across with so many things in life at a professional and personal level, but the spirit and team support were the things that never let me quit. I wish to expand my services in the same domain and want to bring a revolution in the market by automating the time-consuming business functions.

Techmindz Company

What excites you most about your industry?

Every other business is different, and all the companies are working in a unique way, this nature of market makes our work exciting. Every client comes up with a dynamic set of niches and assigns us challenging tasks. The field is full of new learning curves with new business process & with novel business lines. It helps me to grow and understand that on which points we can focus on to have more Return on Investment, high productivity & Cost Controls.

My approach to catering the market niches with customer-oriented services allow me and my team to deliver a customized solution for everyone. While designing a unique system for a vast market, we learn to be creative yet being technically sound.

Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

There are so many reasons to select our services. The most significant point is that we never bound our clients to choose a solution of pre-designed programs but always urge to satisfy clients by giving them customized solutions which are designed particularly for them to cater their niches. Our company`s officials are great at communication, We prefer to satisfy clients at maximum level, and for that, we consult, explain and then design something for them. Our communication skills minimize the gap between clients and our team. Other reasons include the unique set Product & Services which we are offering are have following quality characteristics:

  1.    Rich in Features
  2.    Compatible with different platforms
  3.    Cost Effective & Workflow Driven
  4.    Multi-Org, Multi-Company, Multi-Currency & Multi-Lingual
  5.    Single Sign-On Enabled
  6.    Highly Customizable based on Business Requirements etc

Junaid Iftikhar

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

Attitude is just not the way you express yourself but a set of conducts you adapt to grasp from the people, attend people, and your deliverance. Learning attitude will always benefit you no matter you are an apprentice, leader, entrepreneur or business.

What have you just learned recently that blew you away?

Well.., maybe it sounds not much positive, but as per my experience and study of people`s attributes, I have learned that whatever you have planned to invest, don`t reveal it until you take a step in that direction. There are more demotivating forces in the environment than the spirit of taking the risk.

When you reveal your plans either people demotivate you or steal your ideas. So it’s better to think, rethink yourself and if you feel its fine for you, just go ahead.

How did you continue to keep your mind attached to technical side along with creativity?

Indulging yourself in activities other than work is essential. Socialization and games are the two things that keep my moral uplifted. I usually go for bowling or arcade gaming center in my leisure time. The energetic feel of the environment and the efforts to win around in the game, boost me to stand again and again and fight back with the challenges of the business world.

I also love singing. It is a way to express myself. I feel relaxed and comfortable when I sing to showcase my mood and feelings. The connectivity with people, games, and singing provide me a dosage of creativity and socialization expands my way of thinking. In this way, I stay connected with creativity along with my technical nature of work.

Favorite city in the world for business and why?

Cities with the potential of great business are a center of attraction for me. I have worked in Gulf Countries and Asian Region a lot and what I love about these two, are the dynamic nature of work field, unique and unexpected challenges and a high boost of culture and heritage.

When it comes to the enjoyment, I love to roam around in Middle-Eastern states, Pakistan and UK. I felt that along with delight the scope of learning and motivation are also high there. I would say London, Karachi, Lahore, Daman, Riyadh, and Dubai are my favorite cites.

What talent or occupation you would have opt if you were not in the field of Consulting?

I have done modeling for two years, and I enjoyed every second of my life when I was a model, but my passion and dream took me to the place where I am right now. I would have been an anchor person of any famous TV show or would have been a supermodel.

I may join the world of modeling again if I ever felt I got bored with my current life.

How will you express your personality in words?

It’s a little tricky for me to judge myself but I will use words like focused and passionate to express my personality. I may not be the strongest person, but I have the power to conquer the world of computer programing. I believe in myself and always take risks in life. I try my level best to keep a balance between work and enjoyment to keep my technical and creative both sides alive.

If you had your time again, what would you do differently?

I am happy and fully satisfied with what I have achieved in life till now! But if I would get my time back, I would have started the company “TechMindz” 10 years back. I believe that business is something I am made for…. but I jumped into the line a little late because I spent a lot in understating my passion and giving myself a try without getting worried about risks.  

How can people connect with you?

✔ I can be contacted via www.techmindz.net
We are active and interactive on all of our social media platforms: 
✔ Facebook ✔ Linkedin ✔  Instagram   twitter


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