Who is Juwan Howard’s Wife? Everything You Need To Know 

Juwan Howard Wife

Juwan Howard‘s wife, Jenine Wardally, is well-known for her husband’s career and multiple professions. 

However, what is often overlooked is the success of Juwan Howard’s wife, Jenine Wardally. She has achieved greatness in multiple regards. 

She is well known as a writer and actor, having written scripts for television series like “The Residency“, as well as appearing in Broadway productions such as “Memphis“. 

Not only that, but Wardally has also been quite successful as an entrepreneur, investing in real estate and various businesses while still managing to provide help and support to her husband throughout his career. 

Juwan’s rise from being drafted by the Washington Bullets in 1994 to becoming head coach of the NBA’s Miami Heat from 2013-2019 was no easy feat and would not have been accomplished without Jenine Wardally’s astute business experience and unwavering support within the home front.

Juwan has six children from his four different relationships. His eldest son’s name is Juwan Howard Jr, born in February 1992 with Markita Blyden, and he is known as a runner-up for Michigan’s Miss Basketball in 1990. 

The couple, Juwan and Jenine, got married in 2002 and have been together ever since. They are known as a perfect couple and have been spotted together numerous times. 

He shares two other sons with his current wife, Jenine Wardley, named Jace and Jett.

Their firstborn was born in 2001, and their second son was born in 2003. Her sons compete for the Michigan Wolverines in basketball.

Furthermore, his other three children’s mothers are unknown, and no information about them is available.

He is known as a good football player, a caring father, and a loving husband.

How did the couple meet?

Juwan Howard and his wife, Jenine Wardley, met for the first time at Alonzo Mourning’s celebration. Juwan first came into contact with her, later they fell in love and started dating. 

After a long relationship, the two exchanged their vows, and since then, they have been spending quality time together.

Jenine established the Juice Foundation after losing a family member to cancer. 

This foundation’s mission is to raise public awareness of the healthy precautions people should take to prevent cancer. It encourages people to enroll in specific programs and practices that ensure healthy lives.

Juwan and Markita Blyden had a second child in 1992, named Juwan Howard Jr. However, the names of his other three children have yet to be made public.

About Jennie

Jenine Wardally works as an American writer, performer, and entrepreneur. She is a philanthropist who founded The Juice Foundation and is renowned for her charitable activities on behalf of the less fortunate. She is also known as Juwan Howard’s wife.

Her parents, Jermin Ruby and George Wardally welcomed her into the world in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States.

She is a citizen of the United States and is of African descent. In her hometown, Jenine grew up with her sisters Maya, Shakira, and Liesha. Currently, she resides in Florida, USA.

Early in her career, Jenine Wardally kept a quiet profile, but after marrying Juwan Howard, she became incredibly well-known. She has succeeded in her employment as a singer, novelist, and businesswoman. 

Jenine Wardally is an inspiration to young girls and boys all around the world for a variety of reasons.

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