Kacy Banks Arrested for Murder of Tarik Greene: Details on Fatal Shooting.

Kacy Banks Arrested for Murder of Tarik Greene Details on Fatal Shooting

On March 15th, 2023, Kacy Banks was arrested by Philadelphia police in connection with the murder of Tarik Greene, a 28-year-old man who was fatally shot on February 22nd. 

Greene was shot as he left a room at a motel on Black Horse Pike in the early morning hours.

According to a court record detailing the potential charges against Banks, he is believed to be responsible for Greene’s death. 

Banks allegedly shot Greene as he exited the motel room, intending for him to die before daybreak. 

The shooting has garnered significant media attention and continues to be a topic of interest.

The suspect in the murder, Kacy Banks, is a 26-year-old man who was identified through surveillance footage. 

The footage showed Banks shooting Greene as he left a room at the Howard Johnson Inn at approximately 2:20 am, reportedly hiding behind a wall on the second-floor stairwell. 

The report also states that Banks reserved the hotel room.

Police responded to an emergency call at approximately 3:00 am on the day of the shooting and found Tarik Greene. 

He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital at 4:45 am, according to the prosecutor’s office. 

In an obituary released by his family, Greene was identified as a resident of Millville, originally from Willingboro. 

Kacy Banks has been charged with robbery, criminal homicide, and a weapons offense in connection with Greene’s death.

The obituary did not provide much information about Greene’s family except to express their heartbreak and difficulty in saying goodbye to their loved one.

It is also unclear whether he was married at the time of his death.

Further details about the suspect and the incident have emerged since the shooting. 

A woman who had also exited the hotel room with Greene told police that she and Banks had lured men to the hotel with the intention of robbing them after having sex. 

The woman revealed that Banks and Greene had fought over the room, with Banks jumping from a second-floor balcony. 

Banks then allegedly waited for Greene to exit the room and fired a single shot at him.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and many details remain unclear. However, justice is hoped to be served in the coming days.

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