Kanye West: A Famous, Rich Celebrity with Many Controversies

In this article, we will try to know about celebrity Kanye West and his life controversies. So, let’s get started

Who is Kanye West?

Kanye West, who was born on June 8, 1977, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, composer, record producer, and fashion designer. His music versatility range of genres includes hip hop, baroque pop, soul, indie rock, electro, industrial, synth-pop, and gospel.

Kanye West has been part of the music world since 1996 and has become one of the most prominent influential hip-hop singers ever.

Kanye West Net Worth and Businesses: 

The net worth of Kanye West is 1.3 billion USD. Click To Tweet

In April, Kanye West was listed among billionaires after years of openly declaring that he belongs in the three-comma club.

He earns the most of his money from his apparel and footwear brand, Yeezy.

Forbes figures out that Yeezy solely increased $1.26 billion to the rapper’s net worth.

According to Forbes, Kanye West, the brand’s sole owner of the streetwear brand, trades clothing and sneakers in partnership with Adidas, was valued at $3 billion by Bank of America in 2019.

According to Forbes reports, West holds $21 million in real estate, a $3.8 million car collection, and $297,050 worth of livestock.

Kanye West Facts:

You will be amazed to know some of Kanye West facts which is listed below:

  • In 2002, while driving he came across a terrible car accident. Where he almost died, and bear very severe injuries.
  • Before recording his own songs, he composed music for other stars, including Jay-Z. More than half of the songs in ‘The Blueprint’ Jay-Z’s album were produced by Kanye West.
  • The title of Kanye’s album ‘The College Drop-out’ was aptly named after the event when he dropped out of Chicago State University.
  • Billboard placed him 3rd on the list of producers from the decade in 2010.
  • Some of his nicknames include The Louis Vuitton Don and Yeezy
  • More than 50% of his songs have been the outcome of a collaboration with other artists.
  • His song ‘Hey Mama’ was dedicated to his mother, who died in 2007 after complexities in plastic surgery.
  • In 2008, Kanye inaugurated two burger restaurants. This new business adventure, Fatburger, came to an immediate end when West underwent financial crises in 2011.
  • West has won a total of 21 Grammys and 112 music awards in general. ‘The College Drop-out’ and ‘Late Registration’ were the albums that won him the most maximum awards.
  • His fashion knowledge has earned so much recognition around the world, and Michael Jackson called him once to know about a jacket he had carried while shooting the music video for ‘Stronger’.
  • Kanye is the sixth most famous digital artist, with a huge total of 30 million downloads within America as of January 2016.
  • Kanye West is one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter, his profile is @kanyewest.

Over the year’s controversies of Kanye West

Kanye West has been involved in a controversy with some of his remarks while his bid for the US presidency.

The rapper has stated rules should be put in place to control abortion and also told he is opposed to vaccines.

However, question marks continue over how serious West’s bid for his country’s highest office is, given that he refrained from the cut-off to enroll as a candidate in South Carolina.

Here is a glimpse at some of the controversies the rapper has earlier been embroiled in:

MTV Music Video Awards run-in with Taylor Swift

In 2009 West and singer Taylor Swift became involved in a high-profile dispute.

The rapper disrupted Swift during the MTV Music Video Awards where she had got the award for best female video.

West told a stunned Swift “Imma let you finish” but “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time”.

Arguable choice of clothing

In 2013 West aroused criticism by carrying a jacket with a Confederate flag on its sleeve.

The rapper told he had taken the flag, which has ties to slavery in southern states, and “made it my flag”.

The music video for Famous:

The video meant to show him in bed with a host of naked celebrities including Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, and Bill Cosby.

A spokesperson for Swift later criticized the song’s “misogynistic message” and said she had not been informed of the lyric “I made that bitch famous” before the release of the song.

Fashion Week show in New York:

Ahead of his show, West began a dispute on race when he posted a casting call on Twitter asking for “multiracial women only”. 

“No makeup please come as you are,” he further added.

Support for Donald Trump:

In 2016 West declared that if he had voted in the US election, it would have been for Mr. Trump.

Later that year he dyed his hair blond ahead of a visit to Trump Tower to meet the politician.

His support provoked a reaction from some fans, but West said people only believed he would be a Democrat because of the color of his skin.

He later distanced himself from Mr. Trump, declaring in 2018 that he had been used to “spread messages” he did not believe in. However, he afterward reaffirmed his support for the president before showing he expected to run for office himself.

Pass Statement on slavery:

In 2018 West faced a reaction after saying slavery was a “choice”.

He faced a flood of criticism from famous figures such as director Spike Lee, musician Will.i.am, and actress Tatyana Ali.

West later excused for the comment.

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