Kanye West New Girlfriend – Lookalike Of Pete Davidson

Kanye West New Girlfriend - Lookalike Of Pete Davidson

According to some sources, Kanye West new girlfriend, Bianca Censori, looks like Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Recently, a TikTok video of West and Censori went viral on the internet. Fans claimed that Ye’s new girlfriend looks like Davidson.

Kanye West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian famously dated the Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson last year.

However, the couple had to part ways due to the busy schedule of the comedian. He went shooting in Australia and got stuck due to the pandemic.

Although Kim Kardashian traveled halfway down to meet him, things didn’t work out between them, and they called it quits for the better.

Kim was previously married to Kanye West, but they split up in 2021.

West tried his best to get her back but brutally failed. He eventually moved on with his life and began dating Bianca Censori, whose latest pictures look a lot like Pete Davidson’s.

A fan account, Life of Pablo artist, has portrayed his own version of Pete, doctored a snap of Censori, and posted it on Twitter with a caption saying, “Kanye got himself his own Pete Davidson.”

The pictures showed the rapper posing with his new girlfriend, whose face was replaced by the former SNL comedian star.

Fans reacted to the picture by saying, “Bianca looks like Pete Davidson,” while another wrote, “Damn, bro, I just spit out my nose, laughing.”

Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend looks like Kim Kardashian

Before starting a new life, Kanye West dated Chaney Jones, who actually looked a lot like Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

The couple was first spotted on a dating outing in Miami in February 2022.

After his breakup with The Kardashian star, Kanye West was highly obsessed with her. His Instagram posts suddenly turned very weird.

So when Kanye started dating Kim’s look alike, fans said, “Fact is Kanye West is obsessed with Kim Kardashian. I mean, look at Chaney Jones, his new girlfriend. She looks exactly like Kim. If he were to break up with Chaney, he would find another Kim lookalike. That’s how hung up on Kim he is.”

After his breakup with Chaney Jones, Kanye went on to date Bianca.

Kanye West tied the knot with Bianca Censori

Rumors have been swirling around for a while that Kanye West married Bianca Censori.

After a prolonged period of silence, Censori confirmed that she was married to West. She confirmed the news on a fan’s TikTok video.

The U.S. Sun further confirmed the new pair’s union in their article.

A fan asked for her number, to which she replied, “I am married.”

Kanye West was behind Kim Kardashian’s breakup

Kim Kardashian started dating Pete Davidson soon after filing for a divorce from the rapper, citing ‘incorporable differences.’

However, her relationship with Pete Davidson did not last for long. They broke up ahead of the release of The Kardashians Season 3.

During the premiere of the show, she revealed that West was behind her breakup with Pete.

When Kim and Pete were dating, Kanye expressed disdain in several interviews. He threatened Davidson saying, “Kick Pete Davidson’s a**” in his track.