Karlie Guse Disappearance: Five Years On, Still No Answers 

Karlie Guse_ the mystery of her disappearance

The Karlie Guse Disappearance case has been the talk of the town for many years. Although the search for Karlie has been ongoing for over five years, investigators are no closer to finding her. 

Throughout the investigation, various reported sightings and leads have been pursued, but all of them turned up empty-handed.

Karlie’s family, friends and local community have never wavered in their support, doing all they can to bring her home and provide her with justice. 

Countless volunteers, her parents and other individuals involved in the search refuse to give up hope that she will be found alive. 

Karlie Guse Disappearance Five Years On, Still No Answers 

Though the goal stays the same – to bring Karlie home – those closest to the case acknowledge that they may never know what really happened that October morning in 2018.  

Please keep Karlie Guse and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they continue their tireless efforts searching for answers.

The Mono County Sheriff’s office is working tirelessly on the case of Karlie Guse, who mysteriously disappeared several months ago. 

Despite diligent searching, there have been no viable leads or clues that have turned up any information about her possible whereabouts. 

At today’s press conference, the sheriff, Ingrid Braud stated that although no definitive answers were known at this time, their team was pursuing every possibility and would not rest until her whereabouts are determined. 

Braud also made it clear that any information released to the public would need to avoid jeopardizing their investigation in any way. 

Right now, everyone involved in this search only hopes for a breakthrough soon so they can finally know what happened to Karlie Guse.

Karlie Guse’s mother, Lindsay Fairley, who took part in the press conference, said that there is not a single day that passes by that she does not recall her daughter. Karlie Guse’s father, Zac Gusé, and stepmother, Melissa Gusé, were also present.

Lindsay recalled her memory with CrimeOnline that she has perpetually had a friendly relationship with her daughter Karlie Guse, who was residing with her father and stepmother when she lost.

She also said she has physical custody of Karlie Guse, but when Lindsay moved, her daughter stayed back at her father’s residence in Mono County to visit the high school with her friends.

Sheriff Braun stated that the parents have been supportive during the inquiry, including stepmother Melissa, reportedly the last person to see Karlie Guse before she disappeared.

“It was exactly one year ago today that I received your last text, not knowing it would be the last time I heard from you,” Lindsay said, directing a letter she had written to Karlie. 

“Two days after that I got a call that made this whole world go dark: the news of that my sweet rainbow baby had gone missing. I have so many questions, Karlie! What happened to you, honey? Where are you?” 

What Happened Earlier?

It’s truly astounding how Karlie Guse vanished without a trace – in such a short span of time.

According to reports, it is believed that Karlie had left the family’s rural residence between the hours of 5:45 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. on October 13th, 2019. 

In contrast, her mother, Melissa Gusé said she had picked Karlie up from “town” during the night prior, driving her home to Chalfant close to White Mountain Estate Road which lies 14 miles away from Bishop. 

According to the stepmother, Guse was notably disturbed while going home, admits she was panicked that the car was going to hit her and exchanged seats many times throughout the journey.

Once home, Guse had very dilated pupils and also connected to the lettuce in her salad as the “devil’s lettuce”, her father, Zac, and stepmother recollected her memory in a testimony.

Melissa was fine that she finally comforted Karlie Guse and even slept with her in her room all night to make sure she remained fine.

At around 5:30 a.m. the next morning, Melissa reportedly woke up and when she watched her, Karlie Guse was laying next to her, and she was awake. Melissa said she dozed off then for a little while, then woke up at around 7:15 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. to learn Karlie was missing.

Fox also publishes that the teen’s stepmother had taped her voice, which sounded disorientated. Melissa allegedly needed to prove to her stepdaughter what she sounded like under the shock.

However, according to private investigator Michael Boone, that recording was the last time Guse’s voice was listened to before she disappeared.

Both Zac and Melissa allege they do not have any clue where Karlie Guse is, while Lindsay has her suspicions about their story.

During an appearance on Dr. Phil earlier this year, Lindsay said that the pair remade their timeline and edition of incidents many times.


In the days after Karle’s disappearance, Melissa Giesbrecht took to social media channels such as Facebook Live to update the public about what was taking place. 

Unfortunately, this desperate plea from a mother looking for her daughter was met with criticism and assumption from the public. 

YouTube user Francine Hartzog of Davidson, North Carolina posted a comment indicating she believes Melissa was lying. 

Even Karle’s real mother expressed doubts regarding her stepmother’s testimony. While worldwide outcry and grief ultimately led to an extensive investigation into finding Karle and prosecuting the perpetrators, the people closest to Karlie were filled with distrust and suspicion of Melissa’s statements.

On the episode of “Dr. Phil” that aired in 2019, Karlie’s mother Fairley stated her conviction that the young girl had died after overdosing on drugs.

She added that Melissa, another teen present at the time, may have witnessed her daughter’s death. 

Private investigator Michael Boone was retained by Fairley and noted that proper protocol had not been followed when interrogating Karlie’s disappearance. 

He pointed out that no search warrants for cars or bedding had been served during the inquiry, heightening speculation about Melissa’s involvement in Karlie’s fate. 

However, Melissa has adamantly denied any wrongdoing and expressed sorrow over the accusation. In response to claims of her daughter’s death, she said “She is missing”; a certainty we can only hope remains true.

Witness Saying

A statement was published by Mono County Sheriff’s Office that Karlie Guse was last seen walking towards Highway 6 in Chalfant, in the early morning of Saturday, October 13, 2018, in White Mountain Estates.

No one ever caught sight of Karlie again. Without any evidence, she disappeared. A report was published by authorities stating that Karlie Guse was last recognized at White Mountain Estate Road and Route 6, in Mono County, California.

Karlie guse was uncontrollably erratic and paranoid the night before she vanished

Karlie’s step-mother, Melissa, said Karlie was last seen getting into an SUV with two males at around 8:00 p.m. on the night before she vanished while walking home from her job as an escort service provider in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to Crime Online. 

Karlie told her stepmother that she’d smoked marijuana and was feeling “paranoid” the night before. To her stepmother, Karlie seems “disoriented.”

Lindsay, her biological mother, told CrimeOnline, “I feel my daughter had a response to whatever she had consumed the night before her abduction. A qualified medical practitioner should have evaluated Karlie, and a law enforcement agency should have taken a more proactive approach.”

Fairley went on to say that she had “every right” to doubt Zachary and Melissa’s actions because their “behavior certainly makes me question what transpired that night.”

Fairley previously appeared on “Dr. Phil” to raise awareness about the loss of her daughter. Karlie died in bed, she said, while she was still at home with her stepmother.

“I believe my daughter had a drug overdose,” Lindsay said with teary eyes to Dr. Phil. “And I believe it because she was screaming and asking for help…And I believe very early morning Melissa saw her with her eyes open and I think that’s when my daughter passed.”

Karlie Gusé’s parents are still searching for answers regarding their daughter’s death. Karlie was shot in the face as she walked back to her home after getting ice cream with friends, according to reports.

Her behavior after Gusé picked her up that night was highly unusual – she was paranoid that someone would kill her or that she would die, according to Stories of the Unsolved. She was particularly concerned about being tracked on her phone.

This has led some people to believe Karlie had been using other than marijuana that night and perhaps remained high when she left the house.

Karlie eventually calmed down, and Gusé rested next to her, according to Crime Online. Melissa awoke around 5:30 a.m. and noted that Karlie was asleep in bed with her eyes open, then drifted off again until 7:15 or 7:30 a.m. When she awoke, later on, Karlie was no longer there, according to her account.

Karlie’s father, Zachary Gusé, told the FBI he had two theories: He believes that Karlie either wandered so far into the desert that she died out there or was kidnapped as she walked down the road, according to an interview on YouTube.

According to the principal of Bishop Union High School in Gaffney, South Carolina, Karlie’s photo had been circulating on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

After numerous scans produced no leads (and so much time has elapsed), he believes people’s subconscious minds have accepted “the fact that we’ll probably never see Karlie again.”

No one has been charged in connection with Karlie’s disappearance, and no suspects have been named.

  • It’s sad that she vanished without a trace. I can only imagine how it must feel to be in the situation of her parents. Not only have they lost their daughter, they are torn apart by the accusations and speculation by the public. I hope they will eventually find closure.

  • This is on People Magazine Investigates tonight. Fishy, is all I can say. They showed the social media video post her step mom made when she went missing. She inexplicably takes a long time to drink some water right in the middle. That didn’t seem right to me at all. Y’all can try to explain it away all you want, but track down and watch that video. Doesn’t feel right at all.

  • Yeah, the water drinking was very odd to me as well. I understand it was a Facebook Live but still…very odd. If the neighbors really saw Karlie walking down the street around 6:30 -7:00, she had changed clothes. She was reported last scene in jeans and sweater, yet two sightings put her in different clothes. I noticed that Melissa nor Zac clarified that they found her skinny jeans and sweater that she had been wearing that night, on the floor, in the hamper, in the house, etc. Where were the clothes she had on when Melissa picked her up? Had she showered before she left the house? I think her clothes from that night might have been important. Is it possible that while at the party with Donald, that someone raped her? I didn’t realize the importance about the piece of paper she was supposedly ‘waving’ when seen by the neighbor until I went back to Melissa’s interview at the beginning. She says that at 5:45 AM, Karlie was still sitting there beside her, just doodling, writing on a piece of paper. If Melissa is portraying that she stayed awake and stayed up with her all of that time, when did Karlie get a piece of paper and why? Why didn’t Melissa see what was written or ask Karlie what she was writing or doodling? Why would Karlie have taken the piece of paper with her when she left the house but not her phone? It’s all so strange and so many unanswered questions!

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