Kathryn Bernardo Video Call: The Truth Behind The Viral Scandal

Kathryn Bernardo Video Call

The viral Kathryn Bernardo video call is just one of the many rumors and speculations surrounding the actress and her recent breakup with Daniel Padilla. 

Fans are still eager to know more about the details of their bifurcation and the reasons behind it. Still, it’s all up to the couple to decide.

Recently, Bernardo has become a focal point in both news outlets and social media platforms due to the wide rotation of a videotape call, landing her in tears.

The video of Kathryn Bernardo after her breakup with Daniel Padilla has sparked many rumors and speculations. Let’s look into the details.

The Viral Kathryn Bernardo Video Call

The viral video call circulated on different social media platforms,

This shows Kathryn Bernardo crying while someone else is visible on the other side of the screen. 

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While no sound is installed with the video, it quickly drew the attention of the actress’s fans and the online community.

Who wondered about the circumstances surrounding the footage?

Many people even claimed that the video proved that the actress struggled after her breakup.

She was potentially seeking comfort from someone else. 

Various speculations abounded, but none could be confirmed, specifically with the video call’s origin.

Kathryn Bernardo’s Statement

Reacting to the overwhelming attention the video was getting, Kathryn Bernardo took to social media to address her fans. 

She clarified that the video was not what everyone speculated it was. 

Instead, Bernardo explains that it was just her talking with a friend she confided in as she was going through a difficult time. 

The clarification was necessary to dispel all the rumors and speculations after the video’s circulation. 

Bernardo expressed her frustration towards the people who negatively spin events to gain attention and followers. 

She encouraged everyone to be kind to one another and stop adding salt to the wounds of those already hurting.

Kathryn Bernardo’s Breakup

Kathryn Bernardo’s breakup with long-term partner and fellow actor Daniel Padilla has hit the fans hard. 

The couple had been together for over a decade, and it shocked everyone when they blazoned their separation.

No specific reason for the bifurcation was given to the public.

Still, in a recent Instagram post, Bernardo conceded that breaking up was a delicate decision they both had to make.

She claimed they tried to patch up the effects, but it sounded like they were growing piecemeal.

Bernardo also shared a photo of them as teenagers and stated that it was now a closed chapter in her life.

Daniel Padilla and the cheating scandal

Following the announcement of the breakup, rumors and speculations regarding cheating scandals began to surface. 

Many believed that Padilla had cheated on her with fellow actress Barbie Imperial.

However, Padilla and Bernardo handled the allegations and rumors with maturity. 

Padilla publicly admitted to past mistakes and expressed gratitude for Kathryn’s forgiveness.

He also mentioned that if the roles were reversed, he would extend the same forgiveness to her.

However,  Bernardo and Padilla have managed to maintain a respectful and understanding relationship, which has earned the public’s admiration.

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