Katie Ferguson Missing: Where Is She Now?

Katie Ferguson Missing

Katie Ferguson missing case has left her family devastated and fearing the worst. 

Ferguson vanished during a cross-country trip with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Aviles Jr., who has been charged with a federal crime unrelated to her disappearance. 

Ferguson’s family reported her missing on November 2 to police in Cody, Wyoming.

But they suspect she was gone long before that.

Who is Katie Ferguson?

Katie Ferguson, a 33-year-old woman, went through a tough time after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend in May. 

Following the breakup, she moved to Alabama to live with her mom.

In August, she made plans with Aviles, the father of their daughters, to embark on a journey to Wyoming. 

The trip commenced in October, and the last known sighting of Katie was in Trumann, Arkansas, around October 5. 

A concerning turn of events unfolded on October 9 when the Texas State Patrol pulled over Aviles. 

During the inspection, a “projectile hole” was discovered in the car’s passenger side door. 

Katie was missing, and Aviles returned to Wyoming with their daughters, leaving a mysterious question about where Katie Ferguson was.

The circumstances surrounding her exposure and the peculiar discovery during the business stop have raised questions.

This leaves family, musketeers, and authorities concerned about Katie’s safety and well-being.

The hunt for Katie continues as investigators work to unravel the riddle girding her unforeseen exposure.

Investigations into Katie Ferguson missing case 

Federal investigators executed a search warrant on November 6 and found Aviles’ car.

Which he drove during the cross-country trip, in the Oregon Basin area near Cody. 

The truck had a “large portion” of its trim removed and stuffed in trash bags in the back seat. 

Dried blood was allegedly found inside the passenger side, and three “fired projectiles” consistent with a .45-caliber round were found in the door, as per the indictment. 

Ferguson’s family fears something terrible has happened to her. 

Her sister, Nicole Ferguson, told Court TV that Aviles “did something bad” and that she did not believe that Ferguson was alive.

“I love her, and I don’t want to be negative, but I don’t suppose she’s coming home.”

Angela Ferguson, Ferguson’s stepmother, wrote on Facebook, “It all points in a veritably woeful direction, and so it’s hard.

Hearing the rumors or what might have happened to her is hard. It’s just unfathomable.”

Family Awaits Results of DNA Testing on Found Clothing

The family is eagerly awaiting DNA test updates on items found in the truck, hoping for news about Katie Ferguson’s location.

There is a deep desire for Aviles, the father of their daughters, to communicate and share details about what might have occurred during the journey. 

The family is eager for him to come forward and illuminate the mystery, providing clarity in this uncertain situation.

Amid this challenging time, the family has taken a proactive step by setting up accounts at Big Horn Federal Bank and U.S. Bank under the Katie Ferguson Memorial Fund. 

These funds aim to support ongoing search efforts or contribute to future memorials. 

This initiative reflects the family’s determination to find Katie and bring closure to this distressing situation. 

The community’s emotional and financial support is vital as they navigate through uncertainty, demonstrating the strength of unity and care during difficult times.

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