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Who Is Katie Meier Wife And Who Is She Dating Now?

Who Is Katie Meier Wife - Who Is She Dating

The information about Katie Meier wife remains unknown. 

Meier isn’t dating right now, and she has never been engaged. Apart from this, she has no children from her previous relationships. 

It remains unknown when she will marry or whether she belongs to LBTQ community. 

On an occasion where diversity in the athletic department ws being celebrated, she wanted here team to be an upfront. She revealed, ‘”I think that Miami, the community and the university, the diversity is something I’m quite proud of,” Meier said. “There’s a lot of different cultures, people are raised in different ways and there’s a real blending of all our differences. If someone’s from a different country, it’s nothing to judge. Whatever their sexuality is, it’s nothing to judge. Race, religion, all of that, we’re going to be a place that welcomes you and celebrates it.”

Katie Meier has made headlines for an incredible comeback to overcome Oklahoma State in the NCAA.

Tournament’s First Round was held on Saturday, March 18, 2023. The legendary head coach of the Hurricanes, Katie Meier, got away with a vital late-game technical foul.

She pulled Chris Webber.

Webber called the most controversial timeout in collegiate basketball history on April 5, 1993. When Webber attempted to use a timeout, Michigan had none left. 

Therefore, he was called for a technical foul, which handed North Carolina the ball and two shots, and the Wolverines lost after being unable to rebound.

Miami was down 37-20 at the half on Saturday. Afterward, the story was entirely turned around.

The Hurricanes battled back with a 20-7 third quarter and prevailed by one point thanks to a solid second half from team captain and leading scorer Haley Cavinder. The final ten seconds were crazy.

With her crew of two, Cavinder was waiting in line. She made two free throws to increase her lead to four points. With 8.9 seconds left, Miami led 62-58.

The Cowgirls deposited a triple on their subsequent possession. 4.9 seconds later, their deficit was reduced to one. Things became intriguing at this point.

Miami was unable to inbound the ball. Therefore the referee called a five-second penalty, negating Miami’s possession and returning the ball to Oklahoma State. Meier was indignant.

She argued that before the five-second violation, she had requested a timeout, and it turned out for the best that the official refused to give it to her. 

Even though Meier begged for the call, it was best if her team did not incur a timeout penalty since it was out of timeouts.

The Hurricanes would have been assessed a technical foul had Meier’s requested timeout been approved. Similar to Webber in 1993.

The ball and two free throw opportunities would have been delivered to the Cowgirls, and they get the chance to seize the initiative and keep control.

Instead, only 5.3 seconds of possession were given to Oklahoma State—zero foul shots.

The buzzer-beater missed, and Miami was able to get away.

Who is Katie Meier?

Katie Meier was born on 19th December 1967 United States, and her estimated networth is  $5 Million.

Meier got her start in collegiate coaching at the University of North Carolina in Asheville, where she worked as an assistant coach for the 1993–94 season.

She’s playing experience as a standout at Duke University is directly reflected in her performance as a coach.

While playing for Duke, she was named the ACC Rookie of the Year and Basketball Yearbook Freshman All-America in 1986.

Meier is the Miami Hurricanes’ head women’s basketball coach in her sixteenth year. She shared the ACC regular season championship with the squad she coached in 2010–2011, which finished the season 26-3 (12–2). 

The AP College Basketball Coach of the Year and the ACC Coach of the Year awards were given to her for the 2010–2011 season.

Meier has been the Canes’ head coach for 15 seasons. During that time, the team has had nine seasons with 20 wins and 11 postseason berths, including ten straight from 2009 to 2019.