Insights Into Ken Calvert Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Ken Calvert Net Worth

Ken Calvert net worth reflected his successful ventures and affluent lifestyle.

A legendary Detroit radio broadcaster and rock DJ passed away at 72. 

He spent over four decades as an on-air personality on various radio stations in the Motor City, including WWWW, WABX, WRIF, WLLZ, WJR, and WCSX. 

He retired as co-host of WCSX 94.7-FM’s “Detroit’s Classic Rock” on December 20, 2013, 10 years before his death.

Calvert was ranked as the 45th wealthiest United States House of Representatives member i018.

He worked for Sony Music Corp. as a local and regional promotion and marketing manager and was a public-address announcer for the Detroit Pistons for 16 seasons.

He was known for his “Joe Dumas” call during pregame introductions or whenever the Pistons great would make a basket. 

Calvert earned two NBA championship rings during his time with the team.


Calvert’s passion for broadcasting began when he watched The Beatles perform on the “Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964. 

From there, he knew he wanted to join the music and rock and roll scene.

He attended Birmingham Brother Rice High School, Oakland Community College, and Aquinas College and studied broadcast, voice, and acting courses at OCC.

After graduating, he began his broadcasting career at WWWW, where he later became known as the “Mad Hatter.” 

In 1969, he moved to WABX for his show, “The Leaping Lizards Show,” which played progressive rock music.

Unlike the top 40 format that dominated radio at the time. Later, he worked for WRIF, WLLZ, and WJR before ending his career with WCSX.

Aside from his work in radio, Calvert did voiceover work and enjoyed golfing. 

He also worked for Sony Music Corp. as a local and regional promotion and marketing manager.

Ken Calvert’s Contributions to Detroit Radio

Ken Calvert was renowned for his connection to rock music and his close relationships with some of the biggest names in the genre, including Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen.

He interviewed Paul McCartney for years and was known for his warm, funny, genuine, and likable personality.

He occasionally appeared on local radio after retirement, hosting an occasional Holiday Beatles Blitz special for WCSX.

Calvert’s contributions to Detroit radio went beyond his work on the airwaves. 

He mentored many of the city’s up-and-coming broadcasters, including Steve Kostan and the late Mike Clark.

Who later went on to become half of the legendary “Drew and Mike Show.” 

Calvert’s expansive legacy and connection in Detroit’s media community have been remembered fondly by his colleagues in the industry.

Ken Calvert Awards and Achievements

Ken Calvert has received several awards and recognitions, including two NBA championship rings from the Detroit Pistons.

For whom he worked as a public-address announcer during the “Bad Boys” era.

He was known for his famous “Joe Duuuuuuuuumars” call during pregame introductions or whenever Pistons great Joe Dumars made a basket

In a statement to The Detroit News, rDumars called Calvert for his great spirit and infectious enthusiasm for the Pistons’ red, white, and blue.

Calvert had close relationships with some of the greatest names in rock music and held a memorable run as the voice of the “Bad Boys” Pistons. 

He was a beloved figure in the Detroit radio and sports community, where his legacy thrives.

Ken Calvert Properties, house, and cars

Ken Calvert enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, showcasing opulent properties and luxury cars. 

His multi-million-dollar mansion in Michigan stood as a testament to his affluent living. 

Additionally, Ken Calvert was fond of luxury cars, owning a prestigious 1966 Jaguar. 

His taste for the good life was evident in his choice of residence and the vehicles he proudly owned. 

The properties and cars associated with Ken Calvert reflected his penchant for a life of comfort and extravagance.

Ken Calvert Net Worth

Ken Calvert’s recent passing has shone a light on his net worth, which was estimated at $8 million in 2018. 

Though he earned his fortune through his work as a broadcaster and his promotions and marketing role at Sony Music Corp.,

Calvert will be remembered not for his wealth but for his contributions to Detroit radio and entertainment. 

He loved being on the air in Detroit and cherished this time talking with and meeting his listeners.

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