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Kenneth Roth Murderer Exposed- The Enigmatic Tale Of Crime 

Kenneth Roth Murderer

It took investigators more than eight years to catch Kenneth Roth murderer who killed Linda Smith.

Linda was a 61-year-old nurse from Ohio. In December 2009, she was found dead in her house when someone checked on her. She was tied up and strangled.

The investigation didn’t find any answers at first, so the Kenneth Roth murder case went cold. But later, the police found some DNA evidence at the crime scene that helped them make a connection. 

They discovered that Kenneth Roth, who used to work for Linda as a handyman, was the suspect. 

He was eventually found guilty of murder after a few years. Sadly, Kenneth died from COVID-19 in April 2020 while he was serving a life sentence in prison.

Despite from this Kenneth Roth’s name has become synonymous with acts that defy comprehension. His actions have left a lasting impact on the lives of those unfortunate enough to cross his path. 

Linda Smith Found Strangled and Assaulted in Osnaburg Township Home

In December 2009, Casey Langley grew worried when her mother, Linda Smith, didn’t respond to her phone calls.

Concerned for her well-being, Casey contacted the authorities to request a welfare check at Linda’s residence on Orchard View Drive Southeast in Osnaburg Township. 

When the authorities arrived at Linda’s house, they were greeted by the anxious barks of Bunny, Linda’s beloved pet dog and her dead body was found lying face down on a bed 

She was still wearing her nursing clothes, but her pants had been forcefully pulled down, and her bra had been cut off from her body. 

Shockingly, an item had been forcibly placed into her mouth, preventing her from making any sound. 

Adding to the distressing scene, Linda’s undergarments had been knotted and tightly secured around her neck, a slow method that led to her death by strangulation.

The further details that emerged from this investigation painted a horrifying picture of the violence inflicted upon Linda Smith. 

Later, the authorities and the community were left deeply disturbed by the brutality of the crime, and their determination to bring Linda’s killer to justice only intensified.

Reunion and Divorce Investigation of Linda’s Relationship

Following Linda Smith’s husband’s statement about their reconciliation, the investigation focused on understanding the complexities of their relationship

And all the detectives carefully gathered more information and statements to determine the truth about their situation before the tragic event.

They spoke to family members and people who knew Linda and Craig to learn more. Linda’s daughter, Langley, provided important details, mentioning that her mother was actively taking steps to remove Craig from her financial plans, indicating that she wanted to proceed with their divorce.

The investigation aimed to create a clear timeline of events and verify if the claim of reconciliation was true. 

Understanding the dynamics of Linda and Craig’s relationship became crucial because it could provide insights into the possible motives and suspects involved in Linda’s horrific murder.

The investigation into Linda Smith’s murder encountered significant challenges, causing the case to go cold for a period of time.

Initially, authorities faced a lack of evidence that hindered progress. Despite the house being ransacked and a few items reported missing, no signs of forced entry were discovered. The absence of viable leads or suspects brought the investigation to a frustrating halt.

Re-opening Linda Smith’s murder case

Using the gathered information, investigators worked diligently to solve the puzzle and uncover the truth behind Linda Smith’s tragic death, considering the changing nature of her relationship with Craig and its significance in the pursuit of justice.

However, in 2013, a turning point occurred as the case was reopened. Investigators determined all the evidence which was previously collected from the crime scene.

In a significant development, , the investigation into Linda Smith’s murder took a major stride forward as DNA evidence provided a crucial link between the crime and the handyman, Kenneth Roth. 

Specifically, Kenneth Roth’s DNA found on Linda Smith’s underwear pointed directly to Roth’s involvement in the 2009 killing. Disturbingly, Roth himself acknowledged being present at Smith’s residence on the day she was brutally murdered.

At the time, Roth was employed by the 61-year-old nurse to assist with various tasks, including yard work and furniture relocation. In addition, it was discovered that, Roth had a troubling criminal history, having previously been convicted of murder and sexual assault.

This revelation established a compelling connection between Roth and Linda Smith’s murder, amplifying investigators’ focus on him as a potential suspect. 

Kenneth Roth Convicted in Linda Smith’s Murder Case

Following the discovery of DNA evidence linking Linda Smith’s handyman, Kenneth Roth murder investigation took a critical turn. 

However, Roth faced trial and was convicted of aggravated murder in connection with Linda Smith’s death. 

Prosecutors presented harrowing allegations, claiming that Roth had strangled the nurse using her own underwear and mutilated her body.

In February 2017, Kenneth Roth received a life sentence without the possibility of parole, marking the culmination of the legal proceedings. 

He was confined to the Marion Correctional Institution, serving his time for this hilarious crime. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Roth tragically succumbed to COVID-19 while still serving his life sentence in April 2020.

Later, Kenneth Roth murderer died due to Covid-19, which added a somber chapter to the case, underscoring the finality of his punishment.

While Linda Smith’s family sought closure and justice for her untimely demise, the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Roth’s death served as a reminder of the far reaching consequences of the pandemic.