Who Is The Famous Kerry Washington’s Husband?

Kerry Washington's Husband

Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha have kept their marriage of seven years out of the spotlight, preferring to value their privacy. 

Despite their respective high-profile careers in acting and football-turned-film production, they have only made a few public appearances since exchanging wedding vows in 2013. 

On rare occasions, they dip into social media to offer stories about family life and plans for the future – such as when Asomugha mentioned wanting to collaborate with Washington on one of his projects. 

By choosing to stay out of the limelight, Washington and Asomugha demonstrate an admirable commitment to protecting the sanctity of their relationship and keeping it out of the public eye.

Asomugha has very impressive credentials in the sports and entertainment industries. After being drafted into the NFL in 2003, he quickly became one of the most influential players in the league. 

His performance on the field helped lead his team to three Pro Bowls and was an integral part of their success. Asomugha switched coasts in 2011, where he found success with the Philadelphia Eagles before changing teams two short years later. 

When he joined the San Francisco 49ers, however, Asomugha played only three games before retiring from professional football that same year.

Football superstar Nnamdi Asomugha understood that though his team didn’t win the championship in his last season with the San Francisco 49ers, there were still moments that he could be proud of. 

He and actress wife Kerry Washington made memories when they exchanged their wedding vows in a private ceremony held at a friend’s home in Idaho. The invite list was small, with close family and friends. 

Asomugha and Washington gave heartfelt speeches as guests enjoyed the scenic beauty of the house. 

Despite not achieving their ultimate goal of winning the championship, Asomugha can still look back fondly on what could be considered his championship moment–marrying the love of his life.

Washington and Asomugha prioritize keeping their relationship and family life private. Despite Washington’s active presence online for her work, she does not use social media to share details about her relationship or personal life publicly. 

Asomugha is also staunchly committed to doing well outside his family life; in 2010, he founded the philanthropic organization The Asomugha Foundation with a focus on targeting disadvantaged youth in the United States and helping underprivileged orphans and widows in Africa. 

This foundation has been involved in activities for these two causes since 2005.

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