Has Kevin Gates Net Worth Crossed USD 1 Million?

Kevin Gates Net Worth

Kevin Gates is a famous rapper, singer, and entrepreneur of the United States who goes by the stage name Kevin Gates. 

Throughout his career, he earned massive fame in his career and is appreciated worldwide, he built a  strong relationship with Atlantic Records, and now he has signed to BreadWinners’.

In 2016, Kelvin released hsi studio album, Islah, which reached number two on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

Prior to Islah, he has produced various other series of mixtapes, and one of the famous mixtapes is Stranger Than Fiction, By Any Means, and Luca Brasi 2, all of which charted in the Billboard 200 top 40. Through all of his albums and productions, Kelvin has earned a massive net worth and earned a 

Kevin Gates Accumulated Massive Net Worth Throughout Career

It is estimated that Kevin Gates has a net worth of around USD1 million, which he earned from his successful career as an American rapper and performer. 

He has gained attention as a solo artist all across the world, mainly after releasing his debut album and then working and partnering with various well-known performers over the years. 

Kevin Gates’ talents were showcased on the album, which included deep, meaningful lyrics, and the lyrics are surrounded by sadness and poverty. 

On the other hand, Gated has also been rapped on his experience in prison, as he has been arrested numerous times due to his offensive behavior.

A famous rapper was born on February 5, 1986, in Louisiana, the United States of America. He was raised and grew up in his native hometown with his family; after some years,  the family later relocated to Baton Rouge. 

He went to Baton Rouge Community College when he was 17 years old. 

Gates holds an American nationality and has African-American and Puerto Rican background.

His Net Worth From Other Ventures Likes Business 

Undoubtedly, Kevin has earned and accumulated immense wealth from his leading career and is now considered one of the richest rappers in the United States.

But it is only his production or rapping career which has given him success, but there are his other ventures as well, which are also the source of his income.

Besides rapping, he has embarked on some business ventures and has shown some strong entrepreneurial drive over the years. He started his business of energy drinks.

According to the report, by 2013, Gates had founded the Breadwinners’ Association record label and released another mixtape from his consistent hard work from the company. 

And then he started working on another mixtape and released both of his mixtapes in the same year, which got appreciation and received honor all across the world, his fans and even the critics encouraged Gate and honored him with great dignity and also thanked him for dropping a quality song.

After acquiring massive respect and honor, he went on a four-month tour across the United States. 

The fact is that after receiving accolades and honors from the world, Kevin Gates’s net worth increased, and he has generated massive amounts from his live performances.

In 2014, he dropped another mixtape after facing imprisonment due to his offensive behavior. It is stated that he was incarcerated after kicking a fan.

The important thing is that at the time of being in prison, he did not waste his time but enjoyed the moment; instead of thinking about being humiliated, he released the mixtape.

In addition, In 2017, he had four mixtapes chart in the top three in the United States. 

His track “2 Phones” was a massive hit in the United States, peaking at #2 on the Rap list and #3 on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, which gave him massive revenue after getting famous.

On the other hand, his other hit song, “Really Really” also charted at #9 in the United States, the major revenue in his net worth. 

His Leading Movies Giving Him Success In His Career

Throughout the span of his career, he has amassed immense wealth, and here are some of the movies giving him a pretty amount in his life.

  • Billboard Music Awards (Top Rap Album “Islah” 2017)
  • “Really Really” (2018)
  • “2 Phones” (2016)
  • “Had To” Music Video (2017)
  • Islah Debut Studio Album (2016)
  • “Change Lanes” (2018)
  • iHeartRadio Music Awards (Best New Hip-Hop Artist, 2017)

As mentioned above, his estimated net worth is USD 1 million, from which he has bought a mansion which has worth USD 360,000. 

The mansion is situated on a large and well-kept parcel of land, and it has a two-story house with four bedrooms featuring high ceilings.

He has many, many vehicles; among them, he has a Rolls Royce Wraith and a Corvette Z06, which he currently owns.

According to the report, Gates tied a knot to Dreka Haynes in 2015, with whom he dated for long before making an official relationship.

The couple was blessed with two children, Islah and Khaza.

In one of the interviews with Complex, Gates said in 2013, he had children with other women: “I got some children. I’m really, really close with them. I lay in the bed with them, hold them, love them. It really doesn’t make sense to say [how many kids I have]. Not in a bad way, but it’s not like the public will ever get to see my children, and if they do see them, they aren’t going to know they’re mine.”

According to the reports, both husband and wife are Practicing Islam as their religion, and both visited Mecca for Hajj in September 2016.