Who Is Kevin McCarthy’s Wife, Judy Wages? Where Is She Now?

Kevin McCarthy Wife

Kevin McCarthy’s wife, Judy Wages, and he have been married couple since 1992. Originally from Bakersfield in Kern County, California, they currently reside there with their two children, Connor and Meghan. 

Judy is highly valued for her essential role as trustee of Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC, having contributed to raising substantial funds for the Republican Party as well. 

Despite being married to a prominent politician for nearly three decades, Judy has kept her individuality as her own person and Christian. 

She has been open about the realities of life in a political marriage by emphasizing that she is not just the politician’s wife – an admirable attitude to maintain in such an intricate lifestyle.

It was a memorable sight during the 2015 House of Representatives Speaker race – Kevin McCarthy stood in the centre of an intimate family circle, flanked by his marital partner Judy and their children Connor and Meghan. 

With his voice wavering at times, Kevin took himself out of the running for Speaker, with his public family display endorsing the strength and support within their own close-knit group. 

Kevin had stated that for a united Republican party, there was “probably need of a fresh face” as a leader: he felt it wasn’t him. Neither then nor now has this unity been fully achieved, yet the family presence from the McCarthys remains an impactful part of political history.

Judy McCarthy was born and raised in the quaint town of Bakersfield, California. Growing up in such a close-knit community fostered her fundamental values in life from an early age; faith, family and friends. 

Judy’s friend of over 50 years, Sally Thornberry, admires Judy for her strength and devotion to treating all humans with respect. 

It is clear that not only does Judy believe in her convictions with every fiber of her being, but she has shown through her long-lasting friendship with Sally and rekindled romance with Kevin that loyalty is of great importance to her.

Kevin McCarthy failed to be elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Trump’s accusations towards the GOP power couple were thrown out in a characteristic fashion, suggesting that the two were actively stirring up discontent and destabilizing their party. 

McConnell and Chao have been castigated by Trump before for their refusal to align with him in 2020 elections as well as for other displays of independent thought, further highlighting the president’s attempts to control the Republican party even after leaving office. 

Despite Trump’s emotional appeal, it is likely that his latest criticisms of McConnell and Chao will go down in history as just another tirade from an ex-oligarch desperate to cling onto power.

Despite the difficulties of the past several months, it is clear that trouble persists within the ranks of the Republican Party. 

It appears as though Former President Trump believes he has identified the source: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. 

Trump contends that their “RINO” allies have greatly contributed to what he describes as “unnecessary turmoil” since House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s unsuccessful bid for Speaker of the House. 

Not only did Trump take a swipe at both McConnell and Chao, but he picked up again on derogatory nicknames for Chao which have previously been denounced. 

It looks like the GOP still has much more work to do in order to unite before the upcoming elections.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ surprising win against Kevin McCarthy in the three rounds of voting for the top leadership spot has gained a great deal of attention, particularly as only 22 votes were standing between McCarthy and a victory. 

Trump had initially supported McCarthy but declined to comment on his continued assistance for the lawmaker after he was unable to secure the necessary 218 votes. 

This tight race has highlighted Congress’ internal power struggle heading into 2020, with Republicans currently holding 222 seats following this year’s midterms. It will remain to be seen whether new leadership can be established despite such a significant divide among the members.

With the House reconvening on Wednesday at noon to hold a fourth vote in the process of choosing a nominee, tensions are mounting between President Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. 

Though McConnell has taken a step back from Trump, the former president hasn’t been pleased with this change knowing his own former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao also resigned following the attacks on the Capitol in January 2021. 

With one final push for a majority, there is an expectation that this divisive battle will draw to an end soon.

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