Who Is Khalyla Kuhn, The Social Media Celebrity?

Khalyla Kuhn

Khalyla Kuhn is recognized as the co-host of the famous podcast, TigerBelly. She hosts the show with her husband, Bobby Lee. Due to her and her husband’s popularity, the show has also garnered millions of views and plenty of subscribers on multiple platforms.

Khalyla Kuhn – A Social Media Star

Bobby Lee has had his popularity since quite some time and his wife Khalyla Kuhn now has taken the front seat. 

Taking on the helm as a controversial comedian, she not only cleared all doubt about Bobby Lee’s gender preference but has managed to also seamlessly take on the responsibilities handed to her. 

Not many people knew who Khalyla was up until her marriage with the controversial Bobby Lee. She was the long term girlfriend before tying the knot. 

Khalyla also co-hosts Trash Tuesday podcasts with Annie Lederman and Esther Povitsky. She aspires to be the top star in the business.

She lives in Los Angeles, California, United States with her husband and her dog, Gobitron. 

The American Personality, Khalyla Kuhn

Not much is known about Khalyla and her childhood. She has been very discreet and private about her early life. She was born on 31 October 1984 in Cebu, Philippines. 

Independent since her late teens, she didn’t have a happy childhood and had to face the realities of life from early on. 

Khalyla Kuhn had an American father and a Filipino mother. She moved to America with Marites Kuhn, her mother and was raised there with her sister, Julianna Kuhn. 

She pursued her studies in the states and completed her high school and college. She was born as Khalyla Shangra Kuhn. 

Working Life of Khalyla

After completing her graduation and majoring in biochemistry, Khalyla taught various subjects like anatomy, physiology, microbiology etc. It wasn’t much later when she met her future husband and started to work on the podcast. 

TigerBelly with Bobby Lee

After being involved in a relationship with Bobby Lee, she started to co-host on TigerBelly, his podcast aired on YouTube. 

The podcast gained popularity and fame with the duo’s channel registering subscribers in the thousands. 

The YouTube channel currently shows more than 300,000 subscribers and has reached the mark of 50 million views.

Teho Von & The Frisbee, Tom Segura Shares his Limo, Hila and Ethan Klein of H3 are some of the episodes which are quite popular with the fans and listeners of the podcast. 

Apart from the show, they both also have another YouTube channel TigerBellyClips. This channel has highlights from their primary channel and has also received significant views.

The podcast has been releasing episodes for six years and has since released over 300 episodes. Khalya along with her husband has interviewed stars such as David Spade, Tiffany Haddish and Steve-O. 

Khalyla’s Role on the Podcast

Khalyla’s podcast has also been featured on other digital platforms such as iTunes where she and her show has received significant positive reviews from critics. The topics of the podcast mainly revolve around the issues which Asian-Americans face. 

Khalyla also touches sensitive current affairs topics like sexuality, politics, racism, ethnicity and coming of age content. She has gained a separate following where fans absolutely love and adore her.

Her Social Media Presence

Khalyla Kuhn is also popular as a social media star. She has her dedicated page on Instagram and Twitter. Her Twitter page was created in 2014 and has since managed to attract followers in 20,000’s. 

Her Instagram page has three hundred and thirty one thousand followers, an astonishing figure. She has managed to post 716 stories from various pictures to daily life activities. 

Khalyla’s Marriage with Bobby Lee

Khalyla led a simple life and used to work near a beach as a waitress in a bar. She would occasionally hang out with her friends and in order to find a partner, had a profile on Tinder. Little did she know she would be the pick of Bobby Lee.

The two first met after exchanging messages with each other before meeting. When the duo decided they were meant for each other, they became involved romantically. 

Bobby Lee in particular wanted complete privacy in his private life and didn’t disclose to anyone who he was dating. 

Khalyla on the other hand feared her simple life would suffer with all the unwanted spotlight and what everyone would say when they found out she was dating Bobby Lee. 

As soon as Khalyla and Bobby tied the knot in August 2016 in New York church, she became the center of attention. Her fears came true when accusations were thrown to her that she was a gold digger or wanted attention. 

She was forced to tweet as a response to those accusations.

Khalyla Kuhn’s Net Worth

Khalyla didn’t enter the spotlight on her own and was blessed to have a husband like Bobby to have introduced her to the entertainment world. 

She has become quite popular now and has embarked on a social media star career, where she aspires to be the top contender. 

According to sources, Khalyla Kuhn’s net worth can be anywhere around $1 million. This is a very good number considering her start and timeline of her career. 

Who Is Khalyla Kuhn’s Husband, Bobby Lee?

The main controversy behind Khalyla’s relationship and married life is her husband, Bobby Lee. Born as Robert Lee Jr. in San Diego, California, USA, he is a stand-up comedian and also an actor. 

He also had a tough childhood as he was addicted to various drugs such as marijuana since the age of 12. 

After going to various rehabilitation courses, he quit at the age of 17 and went on to working odd jobs. Back in 1994, he kick started his career when he first came on the sketch show MADtv. 

He has also appeared in films Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Pineapple Express and also in the TV show series Splitting Up Together. 

The actor is estimated well above the net worth of a million dollars. Together with his beautiful wife, he continues to perform on the podcast and is reaching new heights. 

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