Killer Beaz Net Worth: How Did He Get His Stage Name ‘Save Up’? 

killer beaz net worth
  • Killer Beaz’s net worth was over $2 million.
  • Killer Beaz is the stage name of Truett S. Beasley.
  • Truett starts his career as a musician.

In 2021, Killer Beaz’s net worth was over $2 million. In 2022, It still needed to be confirmed by any official bodies. Still, some assume his net worth is between $2 million and $5 million. 

Killer Beaz is the stage name of Truett S. Beasley, Jr. was born in 1953. Before getting into Killer Beaz’s net worth, Let’s talk about his journey from musician to stand-up comedian. 

He is an American stand-up comedian. He has a strong following in the southern United States due to his strong southern accent. 

Truett starts his career as a musician, playing guitar in a blues band. He received his stage name from a band member who declared guitar lick “Killer, Beaz.”

With no authentic comedy theatres in his native state, he spent his time opening for musical acts and performing at pool clubs.

In the early 1980s, after witnessing comedian Jay Leno perform in Chicago, he experienced an “epiphany.” He moved to Nashville, where he was welcomed for his heavy accent.

He first appeared in 1982 when a bar owner requested a comedian performance. He made hundreds of appearances on the CMT and The Nashville Network. 

He also appeared on over 100 television programs and is known for the catchphrase “Save Up.” 

Killer Beaz Released Top Songs

In 1996, Killer Beaz recorded the song “Save Up,” which Lynyrd Skynyrd backed up.

After that, He released many top-selling songs, such as

  • Shaken, Not Stirred, recorded in 2002.
  • Original Artist Hit List, recorded in 2003.
  • Don’t Ever Touch Anybody You Don’t Know, recorded in 2013.

Overview of his life

Truett S. Beasley was born in 1953. As of 2023, he is 70 years old now. 

He is born in Andalusia, Alabama, USA. His mother was a public teacher, and his father was a captain with the Jackson Police Department, and a Korean War veteran. 

In 1972 he graduated from Wingfield High School in Jackson, Mississippi. During this period, he also worked as a technician in an ambulance and at a funeral home.

Other things you need to know about him

His height is 5 feet 7 inches, and his weight is 78 kg. If we talk about his facial appearance, he got blue eyes and grey hair. In his graduation period, he was also a “whitish” student in high school.

In his family, his father’s name is Truett S. Beasley, and his mother’s name is Gwen Norman Beasley. He moved with his wife to Mobile, Alabama, when they had children.

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