Killer Mike Net Worth – His Latest Income Will Suprise You

Killer Mike Networth

Killer Mike, or Michael Santiago Render, is an American actor, activist, rapper, singer, and songwriter who has earned tremendous success across each of his professions. His estimated net worth is an impressive $2.5 million. 

He began creating music in his twenties and has since released various albums that have resonated with critics and audiences alike.

This success then paved the way for him to venture into other areas such as political activism which focused on raising awareness of police brutality, social inequality, and systematic racism.

Killer Mike is certainly a brilliant example of what it takes to succeed in multiple avenues in the entertainment industry.

Killer Mike is a respected musician and prolific songwriter who burst into the rap scene with “Snapping and Tripping” on OutKast’s 2000 album Stankonia. His big break came in 2001 when he was featured on OutKast’s award-winning track “The Whole World“, which he had co-written. 

This gave him the necessary exposure to make his debut under the stage moniker of Killer Mike. Continuing to compose for artists for over a decade, Killer Mike made history in 2006 when he established Grind Time Official Records under SMC and Fontana Distribution. 

His second album, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind was his first project to be released under this label, and also his first major commercial success.

The hip-hop artist’s versatility and multitasking skills, which he has demonstrated over the previous 25 years, contribute to his success. 

Killer Mike moved to act in the mid-2000s, during the height of his musical fame. His first television appearance was in the 2005 Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode “Boost Mobile.”

He performed in Baby Driver, Run the Jewels, Animals, City of Lies, and Momma Named Me Sheriff, where he played his subsequent parts. 

His most recent television work can be seen in the upcoming movie America: The Motion Picture and the miniseries The Good Lord Bird.


Killer Mike achieved considerable success in the acting and music industries, which has translated to total career earnings of an estimated $6.5 million.

An added bonus of living in Atlanta, Georgia is that socialite rap stars pay only 40% of their income in taxes, resulting in Killer Mike paying approximately $2.6 million in taxes over the course of his career. 

Furthermore, this renowned artist has adopted a sober lifestyle with no drugs or alcohol present in his personal life due to his marriage to Shana Render in 2006 and has four children; thus avoiding money management or legal issues commonly faced by other Atlanta-based rappers.