Kimberly Stewart Disclosed Her Relationship With Her New Boyfriend, Who Is She Dating?

Kimberly Stewart Relationship

Kimberly Stewart is an actress and producer of the United States of America. She is widely known for Pacific Blue, Lost Lake, and Homecoming.

Presently, she is living a lavish, tranquil, and gorgeous life in the United States. She recently disclosed her personal life on social media that she has engaged to his boyfriend called, Jesse Shapira. 

Jesse presented her with an expensive diamond ring on her engagement.

Who Is Kimberly Stewart? Early Life 

Kimberly Stewart was born on August 20, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in a sound and keen environment. 

Her parent was very supportive in her early days and entertained her with her desires and life cravings.

The name of her father is Rod Stewart’s, and she is considered the eighth child of their parents. She graduated from Buckley School in California.

While her mother is a famous actress and model named Alana Stewart. Stewart’s parents were influential for her to pursue her career im the media industry.

And After graduation, she spent several years studying acting with coaches Janet Alhanti and Ivana Chubbuck.

Moreover, to pursue her professional career, Stewart studied in London with theatre coaches.

Stewart is very close with both her parents. In some of the reports. It was stated that her mother got separated from his father and married George Hamilton. She has good relations with George Hamilton.

Stewart and her brother “Sean” both recognized George as their stepfather because they are very intimate with their mother. 

Moreover, she has one sister and one brother, Ashley Hamilton and Ruby Stewart.

How Did Kimberly Stewart Pursue Her Career?

Kimberly pursued her career as an actress and model like her mother. She basically took inspiration from her mother because she is a great mother, model, and actress. Moreover, her father is also a singer. 

So, she took the initiative of her career in a leading media industry. 

Stewart is a model and has been visualized in many covers. One of her imminent performances is in Tatler and German Vanity Fair, which gives her massive respect and endless love from fans.

Besides modeling, She has worked with fashion companies including Tommy Hilfiger, American Vogue, L’uomo Vogue, Elle, Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair, MaxMara, Richard Tyler, and many other remarkable movies.

In 2008, as a model, Kimberly appeared nude in the British society magazine Tatler. 

Moreover, She had previously posed nude with a crucifix in Italian Vogue, for which she was banned from entering the city. 

Kimberly Stewart As A Fashion Collector

At 19, Kimberly launched a fashion collection named “Pinky Starfish”. 

The fashion collection was widely known for its dresses, and they were made from French vintage fabrics. 

The range was sold in Tracey Ross, Lisa Kline, and Barney’s nut; it was short-lived since she got the supply chain to work.

Kimberly Stewart As An Actress

Kimberly Stewart has worked as an actress and brand ambassador. 

She has remarkably worked in  American television, including Going to California, written by Scott Rosenberg and directed by Ted Demme.

 In 2011 Stewart appeared in the movie Homecoming, which was written and directed by Sean Hackett.

Kimberly Stewart Personal Life 

In 2011, Benicio del Toro’s announced that Stewart was pregnant with their child. Stewart gave birth to a daughter. 

Benicio del Toro is a renowned actor and producer of the United States.

Is It True That Kimberly Stewart Had Breast Implants?

At 18, it was revealed by Kimberly that she had a breast implant. But after the treatment, in 2005, she was cured of Breast implants. 

While having an interview with Dailymail, she disclosed that she gave the implants to her friend Jack Osbourne.

Kimberly told the interviewer that she decided it didn’t suit them anymore, so she removed them. Her friend Jack said in a mockery that she would like to have them. She signed them, framed them, and he stuck them up on his bathroom wall.

Kimberly Stewart Net Worth

Kimberly Stewart is an American socialite, model, and reality star. He earned a huge amount from the media industry. 

It is estimated that Kimberly has a Net Worth of USD 10 million.  Moreover, Being a fashion designer, she has collected an immense amount from this source as well.

To Whom Kimberly Stewart Dating?

It is not revealed about her any affair. The young and talented star is busy pursuing her career.

However, the information about her relative is not revealed by any source.

It is stated that she had her first relationship with a singer named West Scantlin. The period of their relationship is completely uncertain.

Kimberly broke the relationship with West Scantlin. And then she found her next relationship with Cisco Adle. The relationship remained consistent for more than three years.  

The couple announced their official engagement within three years of their persistent dating. But soon after the announcement, they broke the relationship.

From 2003 to 2004, After her three years relationship, Kimberly dated Jack Osbourne, Joe Francis, and Alex Orbison.

Kimberly lived a very dating life. She persistently dated the men without having a healthy relationship.

After her break up with the man in 2006, Kimberly dated different men, including Benicio Del Toro. The couple gave birth to a daughter, whose name is Delilah. She was born in 2011.

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