Kitengela Woman Video – Woman Fatally Stabs Baby Daughter

kitengela woman video

Content Warning: This article includes explicit descriptions and references to a brutal crime, which may be highly distressing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

A Kitengela woman video circulating on social media has captured a deeply disturbing incident in Kenya. 

The heart-wrenching footage unveils a horrifying scene where a 24-year-old mother mercilessly ends the life of her innocent 2-year-old daughter, sending shockwaves of disbelief through all who bear witness. 

According to witnesses, the tragedy unfolded on April 24, a day that began with the mother playfully engaging with her precious child. 

However, things took a sudden and scary turn.

The mother’s behavior changed all of a sudden, and she became very violent. She started breaking things in their house without any care, causing a lot of damage.

Despite the efforts, neighbors were unable to intervene as the mother had locked herself inside.

Disturbed by the commotion, they promptly alerted the police.

The horrifying Kitengela woman video

The chilling video shows the mother, Olivia Naserian, locking herself in a room and stabbing her daughter, Gloria Njeri, multiple times while singing.

Shockingly, the video also captures Olivia eating parts of her dead child.

Law enforcement authorities arrived at the scene and forcibly entered the premises, finding Olivia unconscious. 

Officer Commanding Station (OCS) David Shani of Kitengela disclosed that Olivia’s teeth and clothing were stained with blood when she was discovered. 

The video quickly went viral, leaving internet users appalled and astounded.

According to witnesses who recorded the Kitengela incident, Olivia allegedly killed her daughter following a separation from the child’s father. 

Olivia, in a heart-wrenching statement given to the nation, revealed the dark motives behind her unimaginable actions. 

She openly expressed the immense suffering caused by depression, intense self-hatred, and the painful consequences of a broken relationship. 

With great sorrow, she admitted, “I have no love for myself, and it is this deep sadness that drove me to make the unimaginable decision of ending my dear daughter’s life.”

Olivia was subsequently transported to Kitengela Sub County Hospital for medical treatment, where she was required to regurgitate the remains that would serve as evidence. 

Gloria’s body was taken to a morgue in Kitengela.

Olivia has been apprehended and detained for a period of 10 days.

Pending further investigation, she will remain in custody as authorities determine whether the crime was intentional.

Internet reacts to the murder of a toddler in Kitengela

The disturbing video documenting Gloria’s tragic murder sent shockwaves through the online community, prompting a surge of horrified voices on Twitter

A user tweeted, “The footage was so disturbing that I had to pray to erase it from my memory”

Outraged individuals demanded severe consequences for the “heartless” mother, advocating for the harshest possible punishment. 

Simultaneously, a parallel dialogue emerged, focusing on the crucial topics of mental health and postpartum depression.

People engaged in thoughtful discussions, exploring the complex factors that may have contributed to this devastating event.

This ignited a parallel conversation among Twitter users, debating the extent to which Olivia’s mental well-being should influence her legal repercussions.

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