KKONA The Meaning

KKONA: The Meaning Of The Slang Term

If you are an online gamer or a frequent user of the streaming site then you might come across the slang term KKONA. This term has left you scratching your head if you have seen the term used on a different platform. so, you do not need to worry about your lack of knowledge because you are not the only one. you are here in the right place to know about the meaning of the slang term and find a bit of knowledge about its origin.

You will also explore other possible meanings of the word if there are any to be discovered and see some example conversations in order to help you for the complete understanding of the term from perceiving it applied in different contexts. Lastly, you will see some alternative words or phrases that you can apply as a substitute this slang term in communication to convey the same meaning or message.

KKONA Meaning:

The slang term “KKona” is used in reply to someone that action is regarded to be stereotypical American or what some see to be redneck or hillbilly behavior.

Origin of the KKona Emote and KKona Term:

In 2018, Kona, for the first time, published the origin of the emote as being from a photograph captured with Danielle Spencer, an actress most recognized for her performance in the 70’s show What’s Happening!!, at the Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con

Whereas The term “KKona” began on the famous game streaming program Twitch. The term is a famous Twitch emote that is being applied for the reasons said above. The emote is a photo of longtime Twitch streamer Kona. However, except users of Twitch have the extension BTTV installed they will hardly see the term “KKona” used on their screens which is where the term originates from. The exact year the emote was added to the show is unknown but it has been an emote since BTTV became an extension for the famous game streaming service.

How Can the KKona Emote To Be Used?

KKona is the first emote to be used in Better Twitch TV (BTTV), a browser extension to promote your Twitch activity in several techniques, one of them being many many more emotes to pick from.

You will require to have it installed to apply the emote on Twitch. Heads up though, people without the extension will just see “KKona” rather of the emote.

An option, at least if you are following his stream, is subbing to him. That way you will get access to the traditional golden KKona, something even BTTV does not have.

Who is in the KKona Emote?

As you may have supposed from the name that is Kona, a long-time streamer on Twitch from the time when Justin.tv was famous.

How Can the Term KKona Be Used?

Exemplified Through Conversations:

A conversation between two friends.

Friend 1: Hey I came to know you went to the hospital are you okay?

Friend 2: No, LOL!! My brother challenged me to try and knock down a set of garbage pins and I was the bowling ball. Don’t ask! It ended badly and I broke my leg!

Friend 1: KKONA !

A conversation between two Facebook users.

User 1: Why would you do something so stupid?

User 2: I don’t know. It looked like fun I guess?

User 1: You thought this was a good idea and looked like fun?!? You are such a KKona .

Alternatives Of The Term KKona:

There are different words or phrases that you could say instead of the term “KKona” and still deliver  the exact meaning. Some of the words or phrases you could use are:

  • Redneck
  • Hillbilly

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