Khloe Bogan Missing – Was She Found? Is She Dead Or Alive?

kloey bogan missing

Khloe Bogan went missing after she was last seen by anyone on Thursday, December 8.

The local authorities described her physical appearance and said she is 5 feet and 7 inches. She has long hair and is of dark brown color. 

As per the sources, there is not much information related to her physical appearance.

If there is any information related to her physical appearance, then this section will be updated. 

It is also unknown what she was wearing at the time she went missing.

The authorities have shared a helpline number, so if anyone of you has any lead or the whereabouts of Khloe Bogan, then do call on (775)334-2677. 

There have been previous missing cases filed with the police, but the majority of the cases didn’t have a positive outcome.

Some people have been reported to be missing for over ten years, and the investigation for those missing people is still going. 

Coming back to Khloe, her family can still have hopes, as previously, the Reno Police Department reported that they had found Lauren Adame, who had been missing and was last sighted on Saturday morning. 

After she was found, she was immediately escorted to the nearest hospital for treatment. As confirmed by her family, she is 29 years old. 

The Reno Police Department said Lauren suffers from a “mental health disorder,” which could have been a reason for her sense of being chased. 

It was reported by her family that she left her phone and identity card at her home.

There was no evidence or lead that could let give the police a lead to find her. 

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