Kris Brkljac Biography: How He Become Successful Entrepreneur?

Kris Brkljac And Stana Katic

We have found that Kris Brkljac, husband of Canadian-American actress Stana Katic is a very handsome businessman. Let us share some rare insights about their lives.

Stana Katic is well known for her role as Kate Beckett on ABC’s romantic crime drama Castle. She worked in the role from 2009 to 2016.

Katic recieved the PRISM Award for the character. She has also appeared in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace in 2008.

However, the subject of who is Kris Brkljac and what he does remains an open question for many people, so let’s sort this out.

Kris Brkljac Biography
Kris Brkljac Biography

Kris Brkljac’s Past Life

Born on October 7, 1961, in Sydney, Australia, Kris Brkljac is a business efficiency consultant. He was always loved taking on new challenges since his childhood. 

His parents were from Lika, which was part of the old Yugoslavia. They later moved to Australia for better opportunities.

He has two brothers named Milan Brkljac and Dragoljub Brkljac, both are thriving in their careers as well.

Kris, who is of Serbian descent, finished his schooling in Sydney, New South Whales. After his graduation, he began to focus on his aims and goals.

So, he decided to relocate to the United States of America and left his hometown for achieving new heights in his career as he was passionate about it.

Obstacles in Life

With a degree in Communication Media Law, he moved to New York for pursuing his professional career but he did not know tha life is pretty hard when it comes to hardships.

When he started living in New York, he realized that he would go through a tough time because he had no source of income as he was unemployed.

Kris Brkljac needed to take out loans to settle his newly found challenges and find a place to live in.

As he turned 21 years old, things started to become more difficult for Kris Brkljac. He started living on the streets of New York City.

He found many satisfactory and suitable jobs throughout the course of five years and was thriving in his profession.

Finding Success

In such a short time, Brkljac went from the streets to owning his own business, which is nothing less of a wonderful yet shocking story.

He finally came out of all of his problems and then, he landed a good position at Dispute Suite, a software business based in Florida.

However, all of his efforts were recognized by his company’s officials, who promoted him to Vice President of Sales, and this marked a turning point in his life.

Brkljac eventually dabbled in a completely different area, finance, and rose to become one of the industry’s top experts.

Apart from that, he also has his own business that specializes in worldwide sales and development.

Kris Brkljac went on to become a successful businessman and also started thinking about his love life. When he reminisced about the past, it was like watching a movie.

The Love Life of Kris Brkljac And Stana Katic

Soon after taking the road to success, Kris Brkljac found the true love of his life, Stana Katic, a well-known Canadian-American actress.

It all started when Kris found out that Stana is the sister of his good friend, Mark Katic, who also works with him.

Things started getting lovely when Stana and Kris got to know each other. The whole credit for their cute romance goes to Stana’s brother and Kris’ best friend, Mark.

Moreover, they got into a relationship after falling in love and both kept their romance secret from the media and tabloids since Stana is a popular actress.

They had a brief breakup due to unexplained causes but quickly recognized that they were destined for each other and reconciled.

Soon after their patch-up, the couple was seen almost everywhere together, like they never want to lose each other’s sight.

At the 2012 Elton John Academy Awards, Stana and Kris were spotted together. They were also seen together at the screening party in Los Angeles in February 2012. However, the media was unsure about their relationship.

After they got serious about spending their lives together, they decided to take everything a little further and got engaged in 2014.

Soon after their reconciliation, the couple was spotted together practically everywhere, as if they didn’t want to leave each other’s sight.

Stana and Kris were seen together at the 2012 Elton John Academy Awards at first. They were also snapped together in February 2012 at a screening party in Los Angeles. 

The only difference is, at that time, the media, on the other hand, was skeptical about their relationship and did not know whether they were dating or not.


They decided to take things a step further and got engaged in 2014 after becoming serious about spending their lives together.

After a year passed, the couple finally announced their wedding date. Kris Brkljac and Stana Katic exchanged their vows in Croatia, as both of them belong to Croatian roots.

The venue of the event was a Serbian Orthodox monastery on the Dalmatian coast on April 25, 2015.

Only some of their close friends and family were invited to the event as they decided to have an intimate wedding.

Stana’s marriage to Kris put an end to rumors that she was having an affair with her co-star Nathan Fillion, whom she worked with on the hit crime drama Castle (2009–2016).

As the days are passing, the couple is getting stronger and they are about to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary sooner.

Kris owns a mansion in Los Angeles, where he lives with his beautiful wife, Stana Katic. Since, Kris is not on social media, his wife posts all of their updates on her official account.

Kris Brkljac’s Net Worth

Kris Brkljac’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million as of 2022, according to some sources. 

He has accumulated his wealth as a result of his professional business career and constant hard work. 

Brkljac not only works for a company, but he also runs his own business from which he is earning a lot. 

His annual income is expected to be $69,388 when all of his earnings are added together. 

Kris Brkljac’s wife Stana Katic, on the other hand, has amassed a wealth of $12 million throughout her career as an actress.