Kuaron Harvey Video: Shooted By Paris Harvey During Insta Live

Kuaron Harvey

Kuaron Harvey’s video is what we all are looking for now, as this video created so much chaos. Police officers reached the place on Friday soon after 2 a.m.

The incident has been classified as a “freak accident” by family members.

This event occurred while Instagram Live broadcasting at a birthday celebration in Missouri. A girl who was 14 years old accidentally shot her cousin. Who was 12 years old and died due to the shooting. 

The girl had been streaming the festivities herself.  

St. Louis Police classified the shooting as a murder-suicide. They claimed that Paris Harvey had shot and killed her cousin Kuaron Harvey. This happened before turning the pistol on herself. 

The victim was just 12 years old. Meanwhile, Paris Harvey is 14 years old. 

The children’s family has since provided details of the horrifying shooting at a house where the family was hosting birthday celebrations. The incident occurred as the family was at the residence.

On Friday morning, just after 2 o’clock, law enforcement conducted a search warrant at the Cupples Station Loft Apartments, located at South 10th and Spruce Street. 

Both Paris and Kuaron were pronounced deceased at the scene of the accident. There is a sibling relationship between the victims’ parents.

How did the Accident Happen?

Following the shooting of a teenage girl, regular people were filled with fear. Kuaron Harvey was one of the two people who were shot and killed after shooting by mistake. 

Because of her uncontrolled and impulsive behavior, a young lady named Harvey, who is just 14 years old, rose to prominence on social media. 

Two small children who were related were playing with a firearm when one of the children accidentally shot her cousin, and then the other child shot herself out of regret for what had happened.

Because the two cousins documented everything online while they were living on social media, the event came across as something out of a Hollywood play, even though it truly occurred in real life. 

Paris Harvey, age 12, is accused of shooting and killing her cousin Kuaron Harvey, age 14, then turning the gun on herself and broadcasting it live on the social network Live. 

After a public briefing, the officers in charge of security revealed that the perpetrator of the incident was a man from Missouri called Paris Harvey. 

Following the catastrophe, Paris took her own life. Even though they harbored no ill will towards the perpetrator of the shooting, her close relatives voiced disbelief and anguish at the untimely loss of their loved one. 

What is Kuaron Harvey’s Parents’ statement about the Accident?

The family of the victims have denied that there was a murder-suicide and instead insist that the deaths were the result of a “freak accident.”

They emphasized that the event was too terrible and unfair. Shinise Harvey, Paris Harvey’s mother, admitted to media members that she had allowed her daughter to attend a family party at Kuaron’s house. 

The party was held at Kuaron’s residence. Kuaron Harvey’s family is going through a difficult time right now. They are experiencing depression at the moment. 

Shinise Harvey said in the post that her daughter’s death was not the result of a murder. She considered it a suicide attempt. 

Although she did not see the video herself, the victim’s mother had heard about it from family members. 

She claimed that the cousins were striving to be too cool by live broadcasting from the bathroom of their downtown apartment before the sad situation happened. 

She said this after she had said that the unfortunate incident had occurred. Susan Dyson, Paris’ grandmother, said that she had viewed the Instagram Live video being broadcast by her two cousins. 

Where did they get the pistol?

Paris Harvey is shown shooting and killing her cousin Kuaron Harvey.  In the now-viral video allegedly recorded on Instagram Live.

That all happened, unfortunately, before turning the gun on herself. 

The horrific incident occurred in a private home. And the shooting was determined to have been an accident. 

The incident is called a “murder-suicide.” Because it looks like a murder in the video, but it was just an accident if you see the video with focus.

In the report, Paris’s mother claimed she did not know who owned the firearm. Or she is disturbed by how her daughter had discovered it.

The pistol was supposed to be brought to the party by Kuaron. But the police are currently looking into the incident to determine what happened.

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