Kumari Govender

Kumari Govender: An Inspiring Story of a Project Manager Turned into Designer

Kumari Govender worked as a project manager at a corrosion engineering company for eight years. Though she had a well-settled career and was progressing fast in her field, the urge of having her own business always kept her restless.

On the other hand, her super colorful personality and love for fashion always kept her wanting more. Before stepping into the fashion industry she explored her love for fashion and groomed her fashion skills by staying in touch with fashion trends, production lines, magazines, designers, and other related domains.

In 2008, Kumari Govender decided to pursue a new career direction and joined hands with her creative skills. She launched her fashion boutique and later her fashion brand “StyleSociety.”

Nothing is Impossible You Just Have to Take the Risk!

Some people might never think of giving themselves another chance when they are doing well at their job. They will never take the risk of leaving their comfort zone to begin a new career. But Kumari is different and strives to keep on trying new things in life.

Her goals revolve around getting multiple skills and incorporating them to improve her offerings while adding value and empowering StyleSociety’s community.

Ten years back StyleSociety started out as a monthly newsletter that was sent out to boutique clients. The newsletter used to help fashion lovers stay updated with the latest trends, fashion events, and launches of new fashion lines. People just loved it and wanted to hear more.

Considering the demand of clients, Kumari decided to move StyleSociety to its own domain (stylesociety.co.za). StyleSociety became a one-stop-shop for local and international fashion news and updates. Today it is not just a successful fashion blog, but an all -female powered community showcasing the best of South Africa’s fashion talent.

Along with running her successful blog Kumari launched StyleSociety Pop Up Boutique in 2010. Using her project management skills, she planned, managed and executed various segments smartly and opened one of the first-ever Pop-Up Shops in South Africa.

Media coverage and celebrity love is now an everyday story for StyleSociety.

Now StyleSociety is a fashion glossy that offers a complete package covering fashion, beauty, self-care , travel, lifestyle, and careers. Her focus is to encourage, empower and elevate her readers.

How StyleSociety Empowers her Style Tribe?

The StyleSociety fashion blog was established ten years ago to encourage fashionistas to pursue their fashion dreams while keeping them well-informed about the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle news.

StyleSociety loves to empower their readers, bringing them close to fashion in the South African fashion sphere.

Even Kumari Govender’s personal career story is an inspiration for women who wish to pursue their love for fashion.

Kumari advises South African females with these words:

“There are countless rewards for being your own boss. So, love your work, persevere and stay focused. You must be a believer and a dreamer to get that big success. It is what’s in your mind that dictates your results.”

Connect with StyleSociety to receive insider style tips and learn more South African’s talented Fashion Designers by signing up for the monthly newsletter and following StyleSocietySA on Instagram.


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