Who Is Kurt Angle’s Son Kody? Is He All Set To Follow His Father’s Footsteps? 

Kurt Angle Son Kody

Kurt Angle is a renowned and beloved name in the world of professional wrestling.

His fame and success were earned through vast amounts of hard work, determination, and championship titles won throughout his lengthy career with the WWE

Angle was already famous after winning an Olympic gold medal despite suffering a broken neck earlier in his training – an accomplishment that cemented his place in sports history.

He then went on to become one of the biggest stars ever in the WWE, but also made headlines as a husband, father, and family man when he tied the knot with Karen Jarrett in 1998 and fathered two children. 

Now it seems their son Kody may be ready to follow in Kurt’s footsteps into wrestling, having chopped his hair to match maybe to hint at ambitions similar to his father’s.

While all eyes are on Kody for what looks likely to be a successful venture into this competitive industry, one thing remains sure – he has big shoes to fill given his father’s illustrious legacy.

Additionally, he is ready to appear to be entering the world of wrestling in the same way as his father.

Both Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle, Kody’s biological father and stepfather, are WWE Hall of Famers and legendary pro wrestlers.

One of the all-time great wrestlers to walk foot in the ring, Angle is a multiple-time WWE Champion.

According to Karen Jarrett, Kody Angle, Kurt Angle’s 15-year-old son, had his hair cut short to resemble a current AEW star.

Children of Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is the proud father of five children. His oldest two children, Krya and Kody, were raised by his previous wife, Karen Jarrett.

His youngest three children are from his current marriage to Giovanna Angell. 

Kurt is encouraging his 6-year-old daughter Giuliana Marie to pursue a career in dance and Kody is an avid wrestling fan at 15 years old.

In addition to these two, he has four other children, Nikoletta (eight months old), Sophia Laine (four years old), and Kyra who accompanied her father to the WWE Hall of Fame event in March. 

Kurt Angle is undoubtedly succeeding as both a wrestler and a father!

The relationship between Jason Jordan & Kurt Angle 

This revelation significantly impacted the relationship between Kurt Angle and his on-screen son Jason Jordan.

As the storyline unfolded, the audience was treated to a heartwarming display of an overriding familial love that transcended biological links. 

While it was clear that their relationship was not one of genetic ties, the love between them held a special place in fans’ hearts nonetheless. 

Fans continue to cheer for Kurt Angle as he reunites with his beloved son on screen, bringing closure to one of WWE’s most memorable storylines and affirming the strong bond they have developed over time.

During his latest backstage appearance, Jason Jordan gave Kurt Angle the world’s greatest dad birthday card.

Fans responded favorably to their long-awaited reunion, even though it was brief.

After a short tenure on the main roster, Jason Jordan is currently employed by WWE as a backstage producer.

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