The Net Worth of Lacey Chabert: Prominence and Rise of A Star

Net Worth of Lacey Chabert

Known for her roles as Claudia Salinger in the TV show “All My Children” and as Gretchen Weiner in the comedy “Mean Girls.”, a 38 year old American Actress Lacey Chabert is the classic example of an actor who rose to fame through successful shows and movies.

Introduction to Lacey Chabert’s Life

Lacey Nicole Chabert has gained a lot of recognition since childhood as an actress, singer, and voice actor from the United States of America. She rose to popularity as a child actor on television for her roles as Claudia Salinger in the television drama Party of Five. She also appeared in two feature films: Meg Griffin in the first season of the animated comedy Family Guy and superheroine Zatanna Zatara in several DC Comics-related works.

Early Life of Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert was born in a small town Purvis, Mississippi, on September 30, 1982 to Julie and Tony Chabert. Her father is primarily of Cajun and English ancestry, but her mother is Scottish and Italian. She has 3 siblings. Wendy and Chrissy, her elder sisters, and her younger brother were her closest companions as she grew up.

Lacey used to take part in a number of inter-school and local plays during her school years. She started acting at an early age in school and local theatre plays, and her first commercial was in a cough syrup ad.  When Lacey was a finalist on the talent scouting show “Star Search” in 1991, she received her big break. She then travelled to New York City to audition for the Broadway part of Cosette in “Les Misérables” and she got chosen in the part, in which she remained in it for two years.

When Did Lacey Decide to Tie A Knot?

At the moment, Lacey Chabert is married to a businessman David Nehdar. David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert have been together for almost 7 years. They dated for many years before their marriage and have been together ever since.

 David Nehdar & Lacey Chabert  Marriage Picture
David Nehdar & Lacey Chabert Marriage Picture

Later, the couple seriously decided to get married in December 2013, during the holidays in Los Angeles. The wedding was small and personal, with many of their friends and family members attending. When it comes to sharing details about her partner, Lacey has been reticent.

David Nehdar stays out of the spotlight due to some personal reasons and Lacey Chabert keeping her personal life private, she never posts a picture of her partner on social media. Although, the duo has only been spotted at a few red carpet events and media is not really sure about David’s appearance.

Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar Welcomed Their First Child

Lacey and David confirmed her pregnancy with their first child on a social media site Twitter in 27th February 2016 after tying the knot. They welcomed their first born on 1st September 2016 and formed a family of three.

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar was the name chosen by the couple for their baby. A week after her arrival, the Mean Girls star came to Instagram to unveil her baby to her followers.

Little Career Insight of Lacey Chabert

She has been Eliza Thornberry’s voice in the Nickelodeon animated series The Wild Thornberrys since then, and she has also portrayed Eliza in two features, The Wild Thornberrys Movie and Rugrats Go Wild.

After that, she played Amanda Becker in the 2001 satire comedy film Not Another Teen Movie. She dubbed the main character’s daughter Aleu in Balto 2: Wolf Quest. She also performed the uncredited voice of Meg Griffin for the first season of the animated comedy Family Guy in 1999. Since she was too preoccupied with schooling and other work, Mila Kunis took over that part and rose to popularity.

Lacey Chabert has won several awards for her hard work and dedication. She had the best chemistry with all of her co-actors in Mean Girls, which begged her award for Best On-Screen Team at the MTV Movie Awards in 2005 and two consecutive awards for Best Performance by a Young Actress in 1977 and 1998. Also, she had been nominated for numerous more prominent television awards shows in the categories of in voice and acting.

Here is The Actual Lacey Chabert’s Net worth

Best known for her role as Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls and Erica Kane’s daughter in on All My Children, Lacey Chabert’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million. She approximately makes over $1 million each year according to the relevant sources.

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