Lacey Fletcher Autopsy Photos: Is The Case Still Pending?

Lacey Fletcher Autopsy Photos Is The Case Still Pending

Lacey Fletcher Autopsy Photos Reveal That She Was Melted On Her Parent’s Couch.

Lacey Fletcher’s autopsy photos were not shared with the public. Users wandered over the internet to know the cause of her death and her autopsy report. 

The horrifying photos of Lacey Flecher’s body can get disturbing for many people. In January, a personal hell had fallen over her when she was brutally murdered and found on her parent’s couch. 

Lacey Fletcher Autopsy Photos
Lacey Fletcher Autopsy Photos

Lacey was a 36-year-old autistic woman. When her parents, both 64, arrived, they found their couch’s sets burned and a melted body which they could not identify whose it was. 

Their house was also smelling from the inside. When they looked around in search of their daughter, they could get no answer. 

When they checked their couch, the melted body had some traces that made them realize that it was Lacey’s body that had melted down on the sofa. 

Lacey Fletcher Autopsy Photos Vizaca

This was traumatizing for her parents, and they immediately called 911. Her death made immediate headlines on the news and social media. The pole wanted to look at her picture. 

Her murder case was handled by a Grand jury in Clinton, Louisiana. The case was limited to special members, and the media was not allowed to enter. 

Sheila and Clay were found guilty in the eyes of 12 members of the committee. They were taken to jail but later released within 36 hours on a $300,000 bond on each person.  

Malone describes the picture in its own way by saying that Lacey’s body was buried in a deep hole in her parent’s couch. Her right arm is stuck on the top of her skeleton body close to her neck. 

On the day she died, she was wearing a blue shirt which was identified through a piece of blue cloth found over her chest. 

Through her eyes, it can be noticed that she is gazing over something traumatic. Her mouth is open, and her side teeth are exposed. Lacey’s posture identified her as if she was in a state of survival.

  • That is NOT what happened. Absolute bs. She was trapped on that couch for 12 years because of neglectful parents. If she was just burned, how do you explain the lagoon of feces under her, on her, and IN HER STOMACH??? This is a gross misrepresentation of the situation intended to paint the parents as innocent.

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