Lamar Jackson Tweet Reddit Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Lamar Jackson Tweet Reddit

Lamar Jackson Tweet Reddit has been surfacing on the internet. Jackson definitely didn’t appreciate what this fan tweeted out after the stunning loss to Jacksonville.

Following a bad day in the game, Lamar Jackson was not in the mood to read criticism about the Baltimore Ravens’ Sunday loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on social media

After the game, a Ravens fan urged the team to release Lamar Jackson on Twitter at the end of the season, and the quarterback did not take well to it. 

A Twitter user tagged Jackson in a message that said, ‘Games like these should not come down to kicker Justin Tucker.’ This was written following Baltimore’s 28-27 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

The fan stated that the Ravens should Let Lamar depart and spend that money on a well-rounded squad after seeing Jackson complete only 50% of his throws against the Jaguars. 

The Ravens quarterback was mentioned in the tweet, and we can be confident that he saw it since, in addition to responding, he did it in a way that might get him into trouble. 

Soon after, Jackson responded angrily, among other things noting that the fan “never sniffed a football field.” Then he added a homophobic phrase. 

Jackson tweeted back as STFU and added an offensive NSFW remark. 

More than 13,000 people liked Jackson’s tweet in the first hour it was life. However, after several hours, Jackson’s tweet was taken down. 

After another erratic performance by the offense on Sunday, Jackson was noticeably agitated during his media appearance.

Jackson and Harbaugh allegedly spoke on Monday morning about the Tweet.

‘I just beg guys to refrain from using Twitter immediately following a game, especially if they lost,’ Harbaugh stated. ‘It won’t ever be fruitful. You know it won’t be a pleasant environment. Lamar’s response sort of reflects that because that’s not how he speaks. He doesn’t speak in that manner. It isn’t the language he ever employs. He’s never said anything like that before, to my knowledge.’

Due to their 2-of-5 red zone performance, the Ravens were forced to settle for three quick Tucker field goals in the first half, which allowed the Jaguars to remain in the game. 

Lamar Jackson responded to the tweet

Lamar Jackson’s profane response to a critic on social media was out of character for the Pro Bowl quarterback, according to Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who also suggested Jackson was trapped by a Twitter user taunting him.

‘Lamar’s response seemed to reflect it somewhat, given what he said was so out of character for him. He doesn’t talk like that. That is not how he speaks.’

‘He never uses language like that,’ said Harbaugh. ‘He’s never said anything like that before, either. Like us all, I’m sure he’s frustrated. You simply don’t want to reside there immediately following a game. He knows that, I’m sure of it.’

Jackson has responded to people who have criticized him for his contract demands.

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