Lana Ray Meisner Obituary: The Life Of the Wife of Eagles Bassist

lana ray meisner obituary

Lana Ray Meisner obituary commemorates the life of the wife of Eagles bassist Randy Meisner. 

The sudden death of Lana Meisner, the wife of Randy Meisner, the founding bassist of the Eagles, has reignited a complex court dispute over a proposed temporary conservatorship for the musician. 

The case sheds light on his troubled past and the couple’s tumultuous marriage. 

The recent ruling by a Los Angeles judge granting the temporary conservatorship is just one development in the ongoing disagreement over who should care for the bassist, who is alleged to suffer from bipolar disorder, traumatic brain injury, and substance abuse.

Temporary Conservatorship Granted Amid Tragic Loss

Lana Ray Meisner obituary commemorates the life of the wife of Eagles bassist Randy Meisner. 

In the aftermath of his wife’s accidental death due to a gun accident on March 6, Randy Meisner requested a temporary conservatorship for himself. 

He cited his inability to cope with the sudden loss of his loving wife in a petition filed on March 11. 

The judge granted Meisner’s request, appointing his friend Arthur Ford and his accountant Tom DeLong as temporary conservators for his medical care and estate.

Challenges & Concerns Over Appointees

Randy Meisner’s friend Jim Newton acknowledges the need for a conservator but objects to Ford and DeLong as the appointed conservators. 

Newton argues that Meisner’s mental health issues and substance abuse put him and others at significant risk, especially in the aftermath of his wife’s death. 

He previously filed for an independent conservatorship for Meisner before Lana’s passing.

Newton Raises Concerns Over Ford’s Expertise

Newton claims that Ford lacks the expertise required to properly care for Meisner’s unique needs. 

He fears that Ford will merely comply with Meisner’s requests, potentially exacerbating the situation. 

Newton also questions Meisner’s ability to make rational decisions regarding his conservators.

Judge’s Decision and the Road Ahead

Despite Newton’s objections, the judge ruled in favor of Meisner’s chosen conservators, Ford and DeLong, until May 25, when a hearing on Newton’s cross-petition for a permanent conservatorship will take place. 

Newton’s nominee for conservatorship is a professional fiduciary with expertise in mental health issues. 

While there’s a consensus that Meisner requires assistance, questions remain about the best way to care for him.

Unusual Aspects of Meisner’s Self-Request for Conservatorship

Meisner’s self-request for conservatorship is a rare occurrence, according to legal experts. 

It shows that he recognized the need for assistance, which may hold significant weight with the judge if he is deemed competent to make such a request.

Impact of Lana Meisner’s Death on the Conservatorship

Lana Meisner’s tragic death has further complicated the situation. 

Her role in Randy Meisner’s life, as described by various individuals involved, paints a picture of a contentious and challenging relationship. 

Allegations of alcoholism, financial mismanagement, and isolation from his children have been made against Lana. 

She is portrayed by some as attempting to control her husband’s life and money.

Meisner’s Struggles with Physical and Mental Health

Meisner’s struggle with physical and mental health issues is well-documented. He has faced hospitalizations, suicidal ideations, and memory loss. 

The psychiatric evaluation from 2015 highlights his cognitive impairment and vulnerability to undue influence.

Meisner’s Children’s Support for Conservatorship

Randy Meisner’s children filed petitions in support of the 2015 temporary conservatorship, alleging that Lana enabled their father’s alcoholism and failed to provide the care he needed. 

They have expressed concerns about their relationship with their father and his isolation from them.

Concerns Over Lana Meisner’s Behavior

Witness accounts have described bizarre and paranoid behavior exhibited by Lana Meisner. 

Allegations of extravagant spending and controlling behavior have been raised against her, although these claims are disputed by others.

Focusing on Meisner’s Well-Being

Despite the legal battles and disputes, the main focus remains on Randy Meisner’s well-being. 

Friends and professionals aim to provide him with the care and support he requires to cope with his current state. 

The upcoming hearings will determine the long-term arrangements for his conservatorship.

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