Lars Mittank Disappearance Leads Him To Be Named Most Famous Missing Person On Youtube

Lars Mittank Disappearance

In the early hours of July 7, 2014, 28-year-old German tourist Lars Mittank vanished from the Bulgarian resort town of Golden Sands. Lars had been on vacation with friends, but got into a fistfight with another guest and sustained a serious ear injury.

He was scheduled to fly home the next day, but became increasingly paranoid and refused to leave his hotel room. His friends eventually left without him, and Lars was never seen again.

Security footage showed him leaving the hotel in a hurry, but he was not carrying any luggage or money. His whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.

Lars Mittank’s disappearance is just one of many cases of tourists vanishing in Bulgaria. In 2006, 22-year-old British woman Rebecca Young disappeared while vacationing in Sunny Beach.

She was last seen getting into a car with two men, and her body has never been found. In 2008, 25-year-old Irishman Jason Coppin vanished from Golden Sands after a night out with friends. His body was later found in a remote forest area, but the cause of death could not be determined. In each of these cases, the victims were young, healthy adults who disappeared without a trace.

Bulgaria has long been a popular destination for tourists from Western Europe, but it is also well known for its organized crime syndicates. The country has one of the highest per capita rates of human trafficking in the world, and many tourists have fallen victim to scams and robberies.

It is possible that Lars Mittank was abducted by human traffickers or caught up in some other criminal enterprise. However, without any evidence, it is impossible to say for sure what happened to him. Lars Mittank’s case remains unsolved, but his story is a cautionary tale for all travelers venturing into unfamiliar territory.

30-second video footage of a 28-year-old man from northern Germany, Lars Mittank, running from an airport terminal straight towards a forest, has started various conspiracy theories over the years, as he continues to remain missing.

Reports affirm that the video clips from the terminal, where the man disappeared, have been viewed more than 16 million times, leading to him being named ‘the world’s most famous missing tourist‘.

Visual graphics of ‘the world’s most famous missing tourist’

The clip taken from CCTV footage at the Varna Airport in Bulgaria is the last time anyone saw or learned anything about Mittank. The 28-year-old, in the footage, can be noticed running dressed in a yellow t-shirt, in a visible fear of his life, over a security fence and into a forest.

Mittank, reportedly, left behind a rucksack and suitcase, which contained his wallet, passport, and phone. However, his possessions failed to provide any clue into his disappearance.

It is a family’s worst nightmare when an Eastern European vacation ended in a mystery that remains today. Lars Mittank joined his friends on holiday in Bulgaria in 2014 but never made it back home.

In Germany, more than 10,000 persons are usually listed as missing at any given moment. On March 1st of 2020, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) had 11,500 missing person cases. 200 to 300 new cases are being added daily, while just as many solved ones get deleted.

Reports state that Mittank, in July 2014, had flown to the Bulgarian seaside resort of Golden Sands and his friend from their home in Itzehoe, northern Germany.

The friends continued to enjoy their holiday until Lars was hurt after getting into a fight one night. Reports say that fans of Werder Bremen, a German sports club, had allegedly brawled with a group of Bayern Munich fans when Mittank got parted from the rest of his group in a McDonald’s restaurant.

Mittank was punched in the head and was left with a perforated eardrum and a possible concussion. He has then prescribed an antibiotic called Cefuroxime 500 and was forced to stay back in Bulgaria while his friends flew home.

According to reports, a health expert advised the young man to avoid boarding the plane as the air pressure changes would have hurt his ear.

Mittank eventually checked into a cheap hotel called Hotel Color, near Varna Airport, as he saw his friends for the last time leaving on the plane.

One of Mittank’s friends in the group later told German television that Lars was “relaxed” and in a “good mood” when they left him.

However, Mittank’s mother got a horrifying call from her son later from his hotel room, where her panicked son told her that he was being followed by some people trying to kill him. He reportedly told his mother to cancel his bank cards. 

Mittank’s mother, Sandra Mittank, told a German TV: “I thought, god, my son is in danger. I could hear his heart pounding over the phone. He said people were trying to rob him or kill him.”

He also sent a text to his mother asking her about the antibiotics the physician had prescribed him.

According to CCTV footage of that hotel, Mittank was seen flustered, pacing up and down the hotel foyer, looking out the windows, and even hiding in a lift.

Reports state that Mittank left the hotel at 1 am before returning later. No one knows to date where he went during that time.

Sudden Disappearance

On July 8th, 2014, he stopped a taxi in the early morning hours that took him to Varna Airport. Mittank texted her mother, saying that he had safely made it to the airport terminal; however, when an airport doctor was examining him before flying, he reportedly appeared “nervous and erratic” and mistrustful of the drugs the physician prescribed had prescribed him.

Then something weird happened. The airport doctor, Dr. Kosta Kostov, later said that Mittank began to tremble when he saw a construction worker entering the room and cried: “I don’t want to die here. I have to get out of here.

At one point, Lars Mittank got up from the chair he was sitting on. He left his wallet, cell phone, and luggage at the doctor’s office, left the room, and ran out of the terminal and across its forecourt. A security camera filmed him climbing a fence. This was the last confirmed sighting of Lars Mittank.

He was never found again after that incident. Until today, nobody comprehends why he ran away, what he might have been afraid of, or why he left all of his belongings at the airport doctor’s office. Nobody knows whether Lars Mittank is alive.

Misunderstanding In the Progress of Lars Mittank Disappearance:

Some five years later, in 2019, a truck driver picked up an unknown hitchhiker in Dresden and took him to Schildow in Brandenburg’s Oberhavel county, just north of Berlin.

Later, the trucker became aware of the Lars Mittank case and said the man he took to Schildow looked like an older version of the missing person he saw in the picture.

Over the years, Sandra Mittank got messages and photos from worldwide, including one of a man who resembles Lars in South America. It turned out to be Anton Pilipa, a Canadian humanitarian worker who went missing five years earlier.

Progress of Lars Mittank Disappearance

Sandra Mittank, Lars’ mother, has suffered for more than seven years by now. She wants her son back, and she is doing everything she can. For instance, she hired a private detective who looked for Lars in Bulgaria.

She was on German and Bulgarian TV multiple times. And she keeps on spreading the word all over Facebook and other social media. She is hopeful, but she assumed her son would not be in a good state of his health. He must have become thin with long hair and a beard.

Progress of Lars Mittank Disappearance:


The last moments of Lars Mittank triggered multiple conspiracy theories over the years as he continues to remain missing.

Bulgaria has the highest rates of human trafficking

Because the incident happened in Bulgaria, it is considered that Mittank might have become the victim of human trafficking.

Bulgaria has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the European Union. As reported over the past five years, human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Bulgaria, and traffickers exploit victims from Bulgaria abroad. Bulgaria remains one of the primary source countries of human trafficking in the EU. People are forced into slavery, adultery, and drug smuggling. Some have their organs removed against their will.

Paranoid schizophrenic

Mittank’s sudden strange behavior could be put down to a mental disorder. This would explain why he thought he was being followed and why he was so interested in the pills he had been given.

People suffering from conditions like paranoid schizophrenia will often refuse medication because they don’t trust anyone and think people are out to harm them somehow, like by poisoning them.

They believe that they are being followed or that people are watching them all the time. Conditions like this usually start to set in with people in their mid to late twenties. It could have kicked in after the fight took place. Maybe this was the trigger that set everything in motion.

His family has said that Lars had no history of mental illness before this, and there was none in his family. This doesn’t mean he couldn’t have had some dormant mental illness, though; it has to start somewhere.  

The medication’s side effects

Could the antibiotics he was given have had side effects? Unlikely. The side effects for the pills are listed here, and they don’t appear in any way linked to his actions and behavior:

  • Nausea
  • Diaper rash  
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling of the face
  • Kidney problems
  • Yeast infection
  • Allergic reaction

In any case, Lars was already acting surprisingly when he made up the story about people who were paid to attack him (if he did make this up). And this was before he was prescribed them.

Head injury / Concussion

We know that Lars had a head injury. Could this have caused a concussion of some sort or some kind of brain damage that made him behave this way? This is at least likely because this kind of thing has happened before. Often when people suffer from a head injury, they will start acting out of normal. 

Just because mental illness did not run in his family and Lars had not suffered from it before doesn’t mean to say that it could not have been caused by head trauma. Some people can experience the after-effects for years or even all of their lives.  

Lars Mittank’s Friends are to be blamed

It was said Lars Mittank was a drug mule, except it has been stated though not confirmed his suitcase was searched after his disappearance, and no drugs were found, which would put a significant loophole in this theory.

Instead, it is far more likely his friends who flew back without him were the ones who had ran drugs back to Germany, and he stayed behind as some sort of insurance. And Lars Mittank ran out of the airport after an airport official/security official interrupted his medical examination by the airport doctor to speak with the doctor about an unrelated manner.

He may have thought his friends had gotten caught and he was about to be arrested, hence why he ran out of the airport without his luggage or cellphone and hopped a fence.

His friends explained that he experienced a ruptured ear canal after a bar fight, and he was acting strange to be implausible; then why would they leave ‘a friend’ alone in a foreign country who they assumed was acting weird? And claimed had disappeared for an entire night during the trip. It just doesn’t pass the common-sense test.

This story of him ‘acting bizarre due to a ruptured ear canal and then seeing a doctor who they claim said he might have to stay in the country for 30 days is too far-fetched. As others have pointed out, minor surgery by an ENT could have been performed pretty easily and allowed him to fly back immediately.

Why would he choose to instead stay in a foreign country alone for an undetermined period of days? After his friends flew back, he reportedly checked into a seedy cheap hotel, the kind of place a man involved in a drug-running operation might stay or be kept at until he is let go.

The only authentic account of Lars’ behavior and state comes from the airport doctor, who said he seemed emotionally drained, which is more consistent with this than experiencing some kind of psychosis.

There are different theories as they have different opinions on what happened to Mittank; people share missing-person flyers in different languages — primarily German, Bulgarian and English.

While they believe in any of these theories or have something different, they share a common goal — to bring Lars Mittank back to his home, family, and friend, waiting for his arrival for seven long years.

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