Larzelere Murder: A Web Of Deception & Deadly Motives

larzelere murder

The Larzelere murder case is a haunting tale that explores the darkest corners of human emotions, revealing a web of betrayal, deception, and tragedy. 

Virginia Larzelere’s life took a sinister turn, leading to the loss of her husband and her imprisonment. 

The shocking revelation of a murderous plot driven by financial gain and involving her son adds an eerie and chilling dimension to the crime. 

In the documentary ‘Deadly Affairs: Betrayed By Love: Taking A Swing at Murder,’ Investigation Discovery looks into two riveting cases, with Virginia’s story being one of them. 

The investigation eventually found a shocking truth – Virginia had conspired to kill her husband, forever altering the lives of everyone involved.

The Larzelere murder is a stark reminder of the depths to which human emotions can lead and the devastating consequences of deception and greed.

Who is Virginia Larzelere?

Virginia Larzelere’s life began as one of four daughters in Lake Wales, Florida. 

Unfortunately, her childhood was marred by a haunting secret – her alcoholic father subjected all his daughters to molestation, with Virginia being the primary victim. 

At the tender age of 17, Virginia ran away and entered the world of marriage. 

Her journey through multiple marriages led her to cross paths with Norman Larzelere, a dentist, in 1985. 

The couple swiftly fell for each other and tied the knot in mid-June of the same year. However, their marriage began to encounter turbulence a few years later.

A troubled marriage and swinging experiment

In an attempt to salvage their faltering marriage, Virginia and Norman they explored the unconventional world of swinging. 

The couple hoped this adventurous exploration would reignite the passion in their relationship. 

However, their experiment in swinging proved futile, and it failed to bridge the growing divide between them. 

The experiment left them unsatisfied and added more strain to their strained marriage.

Inside the Larzelere Murder case

On March 8, 1991, the Larzelere family experienced a heart-wrenching tragedy that would change their lives forever. 

Norman Larzelere, then at his dental office in Edgewood, Florida, was accompanied by Virginia, who worked as the office manager.

 Present at the office were a patient and a dental assistant. At around 1 pm, a sudden noise emanated from the back of the office, capturing Norman’s attention. 

Investigating the noise, the 39-year-old dentist encountered a masked gunman secretly entering the office through the backdoor.

A shocking murder

As the assailant chased Norman through the office, the terrified dentist rushed to the waiting room, desperately seeking safety. 

He closed the door behind him, but the relentless gunman fired a deadly shot through the door using a shotgun. 

The blast struck Norman in the chest, and the gunman swiftly fled the scene, leaving behind a distraught Virginia. 

Frantic and devastated, Virginia made a frantic 911 call, but her pleas for help were in vain. 

Tragically, her beloved husband succumbed to his injuries, leaving Virginia a widow in the blink of an eye.

Clues pointing towards Virginia’s involvement

As the investigation into the Larzelere murder began, unsettling evidence pointed to Virginia’s involvement in the plot. 

The patient at Norman’s office revealed a shocking detail – she overheard Norman utter the name “Jason” before the fatal shot was fired. 

Jason was Virginia’s 18-year-old son from a previous marriage. 

Adding to the suspicions, two men with whom Virginia had extramarital affairs claimed she had asked for their assistance in killing Norman. 

Their statements unveiled a disturbing motive – an apparent financial gain for Virginia.

The shocking revelation of insurance policies

The investigation took a more chilling turn as it was discovered that Virginia had taken out seven life insurance policies worth around $2 million. 

In the months leading up to the murder, she had doubled the number of policies. 

Although Norman was aware of the existence of the policies, the authorities believed that Virginia was the driving force behind them. 

Testimonies from witnesses Kristen Palmieri and Steven Heidle painted a sinister picture. 

They revealed that Virginia had asked her son, Jason, to retrieve Norman’s will and life insurance policies from a storage unit the night before the murder.

Conviction and sentence

Virginia Larzelere, approximately 69 years old, currently resides at Homestead Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade County, Florida. 

In August 1992, a jury convicted her of first-degree murder for her role in the death of her husband, Norman Larzelere. 

While she initially received a death sentence, it was later reduced to life in prison.Reports indicate that the reduction was partially due to ineffective counsel during her trial. 

In May 2020, reports indicated that Virginia tested positive for COVID-19, and her asthma and lung problems made her a high-risk patient.

She remains behind bars, serving her life sentence for involvement in the Larzelere murder.

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