The Ride That Made Latarian Milton Famous

latarian milton

Latarian Milton is an American IRI troll and criminal who once enjoyed popularity as a young offender.

He made headlines in 2017 after hijacking his grandmother’s car and causing significant property damage while on a road rage rampage through Palm Beach, Florida. But the Palm Beach Country Police detained him as a result.

He was also given the nickname “Hood Rat,” and he engaged in inappropriate behaviour with his buddies and smoked cigarettes. Learn more about his life, career, net worth, incidents, death rumours, body dimensions and more!

Latarian Milton Early Life

In a lighter vein, the main focus of this piece is Latarian’s early years. Anyway, let me share what I know about him with you. Latarian was born on 30 September 2000.

He was born in Palm Beach, Florida, to a 16-year-old woman. His mother’s name is Sheneequah. On the internet, his father is completely absent. It appears to be an unplanned birth.

He had to move in with his grandmother because of his mother’s young age. Zikkita Stratford, his grandma, raised him.

According to media accounts, Latarian Milton’s mother was reportedly a chain smoker and possibly a drug user; little time to care for the young Latarian resulted in his wild instincts. A father’s absence might also be detrimental.

Latarian Milton Education

According to Latarian Milton’s webpage, he graduated from the John F. Kennedy Middle School in 2015.

A college or university in Riviera Beach, Florida. What if we told you that the knowledge we have about his education ends here?

So, don’t be surprised. We are looking at how Latarian got into difficulty after middle school.

Latarian Milton Career

In April 2008, he and a friend stole his grandmother’s Dodge Durango on a Palm Beach joyride, making him famous.

A collision between two 7-year-olds in an SUV resulted in considerable harm to numerous properties. Latarian stated in a post-accident interview with West Palm Beach News Station WPBF.

He was furious with his mother for constantly smoking; all he wanted to do was smoke.

The video quickly went viral due to Milton’s distinctive way of explaining and justifying his actions, earning him a household name on the internet and serving as the basis for numerous memes.

In June 2008, LATARIAN CAPTURED THE MEDIA’S ATTENTION AGAIN. He was caught this time in a Lake Park Wal-Mart for assaulting his grandmother.

His mother’s psychosis is shared by the 20-year-old. In reality, his mother smokes cigarettes. As a result, he is unhappy.

He is currently concentrating on high-speed driving and auto theft. He took his grandmother’s automobile and recklessly drove through Palm Beach.

Milton has earned the moniker “hood rat” from the Latarian population. He mentioned that he wanted to play football in his now-famous viral interview.

Additionally, he enjoys engaging in illegal conduct. Other than that, little is known about Latarian’s professional life or employment.

The Ride That Made Latarian Milton Famous

Milton, who was then just seven years old, and a friend went for a joyride and stole the keys to his grandmother’s Dodge Durango car.

They ran over two mailboxes before driving into the two parked automobiles in the Costco parking lot. They grazed many other moving vehicles because they had no idea or expertise in riding them.

The Palm Beach County Police detained Latarian for the incident. He gave an interview to the broadcast station (West Palm Beach WPBF) after hearing the news, and during the interview, he added, “It is good to do bad things,” which led to his internet renown.

The interview was posted on YouTube, generating several parody and meme videos that temporarily increased his popularity. 

They also included him in The Boondocks episode, a well-known TV program. He had gained notoriety for the proper reasons. Unexpectedly quickly, the police had him back in their sights.

What happened to Latarian Milton?

From when he was still a young guy to high school and adulthood, he developed a rebellious attitude and engaged in various criminal activities.

He has committed theft-related crimes, including damaging property using a stolen car.

When he was seven years old, Milton and her mother quarrelled when she ordered him to quit smoking.

Out of hatred, he damaged multiple properties by driving across Palm Beach with his grandmother’s car.

Latarian reportedly attacked his grandmother because she didn’t purchase him chicken wings from Walmart. 

It happened two weeks after the carnage. Due to the proximity of the attack on Grandma and the automobile rampage, child protective services it has mandated a mental health evaluation.

He had supposedly led a respectable life since the street craze but was back in the headlines for some despicable reasons this time.

He was accused of robbing the Lyft ride-sharing vehicle on the outskirts of West Palm Beach.

Milton was one of the four males and one woman the driver captured. After dropping off the woman, men asked to be dropped off somewhere else, but the driver refused since they hadn’t utilised the Lyft app to make the request.

One of the four men threw the driver out of the car and threatened him with a revolver. The driver’s iPhone, jacket, and wallet were stolen from them. Milton took control of the car and drove off. He was charged as an adult in Beach County.

Latarian Milton Sentenced

In August 2017, Latarian Milton and a few of his pals called a Lyft, and when they arrived, they pulled the driver out of the vehicle and robbed him before speeding off.

Latarian Milton was later detained and accused of robbery and carjacking. He was sent to a juvenile jail facility following repeated court appearances.

Latarian Milton Death Rumors

Latrian Milton remains alive, but as of 2019, he was still being held in a juvenile detention facility while awaiting the case’s outcome, which might result in a 15-year sentence.

Where is the Latarian Milton now?

Milton proved that it was all wrong, even though it appeared to work when he attended high school to organise his life, joined the school soccer team, and then pursued more education, technical training, or even enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

He requested a trip in the elevator in August 2017 with a group of people before robbing the driver, yanking him from the vehicle, and fleeing.

After being apprehended for motor theft and robbery, he was sent to juvenile detention.  He has been in prison since 2019 and may receive a 15-year term.

Latarian Milton Dating & Relationships

Latarian is unmarried and unattached. Furthermore, something needs to be known about Latarian affiliation. Beyond that, little is known about Latarian’s prior relationships.

After stealing her grandmother’s automobile in 2017, Latarian gained notoriety. Palm Beach County officials are investigating him for another reason. He and his friends were charged with robbery and carjacking.

Latarian Milton Age

Latarian Milton would have turned 23 in the year 2023. He was born in Palm Beach, Florida, on September 30, 2000.

While Latarian Milton’s age is true, his unlawful behaviour and activities should not be celebrated or rewarded because they harm him and others. 

People, especially youth, must make moral choices that benefit themselves and their communities.

Body Dimensions 

Latarian is 72 kilos tall and 5’5″ wide. Latarian has black hair and eyes. Latarians have body dimensions of 37-32-35.

Social Media Presence

Latarian is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—Milton dreams of playing football. 

He has frequently been called “the rat in the alley”. He said he wanted to play football in his now-famous video chat.

Furthermore, He is also happy with his illicit behaviour. Furthermore, no other information is accessible regarding Latarian’s employment or status.

Latarian Milton’s Net Worth

According to certain online estimates, Latarian Milton will have a net worth of $100,000 by the year 2023