Lefty SM Wife: Who Was María Isabel and What Was Their Relationship Like?

Lefty SM Wife

Who are Lefty SM wife and children? What are the details of their marriage? Learn more about their marriage in this article. 

The sudden demise of Mexican rapper Lefty SM on 3rd September 2023, left his fans and family in deep sorrow. 

According to Alzada Records, he was allegedly shot dead on his property in Jalisco Zapopan, Mexico. 

As news of his death spreads worldwide, many are curious about Lefty SM’s private life, particularly his relationship with his wife, María Isabel.

Lefty SM

Who Was María Isabel?

María Isabel was Lefty SM wife and the mother of his two daughters. 

While details about their marriage remained private, it is believed that María Isabel was Lefty SM’s biggest support system throughout his successful career in the music industry.

Lefty SM’s Personal Life

Lefty SM, whose real name was Juan Carlos Sauceda, was a Mexican rapper who had collaborated with various artists. 

He was born on 22nd April 1992, in Zuid-Holland, Rotterdam, Netherlands, and later moved with his parents to San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. 

He was known for his hits such as “Soy Mexicano” and had a massive following on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Lefty SM’s Girlfriends

Before marrying María Isabel, Lefty SM had been in a relationship with Ezy Mary, who is a model. Ezy Mary and Lefty SM had a daughter together.

Lefty SM’s Death

Lefty SM’s death was caused by a gunshot wound and occurred after he was reportedly a victim of a theft that occurred at his home in Zapopan’s La Cima neighborhood. 

Fans and family members have mourned his loss, and social media pages have filled with messages of condolence to his loved ones.

Lefty SM’s Legacy

Lefty SM was a talented rapper who had collaborated with various artists such as Mr. Capone-E, Gustavo Elis, Santa Fe Klan, Santa RM, and Gera MX, among others. 

His music had touched the hearts of many across the world, and his legacy remains intact despite his untimely death. 

His popular song, “Soy Mexicano,” which celebrates Mexican culture and heritage, has gained over 2.7 million followers on his YouTube channel.

Lefty SM on Social Media

Lefty SM was active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

While he did not have an official Wikipedia page, Lefty SM had garnered fame with his music and collaborations with other artists.


The death of Lefty SM has saddened his fans and family members. Lefty SM wife, María Isabel, has kept her personal life private, and little is known about their relationship. 

The rapper had collaborated with various artists and amassed a huge following on social media platforms such as YouTube. 

His death has left a void in the Mexican music industry that will be hard to fill.

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