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Legend Horror Movie Star Died: George P Wilbur Cause Of Death?

George P Wilbur Cause Of Death

According to resources, no one knew George P Wilbur cause of death. The famous actor of Michael Mayers In The Halloween film franchise died at the age of 81.

The location, date, and services for the funeral will be announced later. Everyone is sad about George’s departure, sending condolences and remembering him on social media.

Stuntman and fellow Halloween Christopher Durand said, “George P. Wilbur passed away last night. George, you were a class act and well loved. You will be missed.”

Another well-known actor Spencer Charnas tweeted: “RIP to one of my favorite Michael Myers actors of all time, George P. Wilbur. One of the first horror stars I ever met was George back at the original Spooky World in 97′. A class act and true legend.”

He was best known for acting as Michael Myers in the movies “Halloween 4: The return of Michael Myers” and Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Mayers.”

George Peter Wilbur was a trained stuntman and an American actor. He was born on March 6, 1941, in Connecticut, and Gena Wilbur is his only child of him.

He was also in the United States Navy. George worked as a wrangler on a ranch in Tucson, Arizona, after he left the Navy. He was hired to stand in for John Wayne in the movie El Dorado in 1966.

After El Dorado, he relocated to California and worked as a stunt double and background actor.

George P. Wilbur started his career in the 1960s. He has appeared on more than 100 TV shows and movies, for instance, Blazing Saddles (1974), Ghostbuster (1984), Escaping from New York (1981), Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986), Dead Heat (1988), Firestarter (1984), Grizzly (1976), The Monster Squad (1987), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), Planet of the Apes (1968), Fletch (1985), Re-Animator (1985), The Towering Inferno (1974), The Beastmaster (1982), and Die Hard (1988), 

As an actor, he appeared in many movies like Every Which Way But Loose (1978), Cast a Deadly Spell (1991), Ghostbuster II (1989), The Running Man (1987), Firestarter (1984), Pennies From Heaven (1981),