Lil Mabu Murder Charges: Truth, Rumor, Or A Blatant Lie? 

Lil Mabu Murder Charges: Truth, Rumor, Or A Blatant Lie? 

With every passing day, the ties between rappers and criminal activities are strengthening. Lil Mabu murder charges point out another incident where a rapper is found performing an unlawful activity without any guilt or remorse. 

Matthew Peter DeLuca, more famously known as Lil Mabu is a teen rapper, drill artist, and vocalist from New York City. 

Mabu’s path to getting famous was very short and swift. He released multiple singles and albums that became an instant hit with the listeners. 

The teen rapper should thank his lucky stars because, at just 18 years of age, he has achieved more fame and success than many renowned rappers. 

Apart from his groundbreaking lyrics and vocals, Lil Mabu has discovered a new reason to get into the limelight. 

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A wanted picture of Lil Mabu, just like the ones that are released when searching for dangerous criminals, went viral on different social media platforms. 

When the picture initially started trending, the teen rapper’s fans got worried and started searching for his whereabouts. 

However, there was another group of people who were more intrigued to get information regarding Lil Mabu’s wanted picture. 

These people were none other than the rapper’s haters. The wanted picture was a delight for them, as they couldn’t wait to see their nemesis behind bars. 

Sadly, Mabu’s rivals’ delight came to an end when the origin of the picture was unveiled. Sources reported that the wanted picture was first shared by the teen rapper himself on his Instagram account. 

The picture was picked up from his Instagram account and then made viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. 

Moreover, the wanted picture started circulating at a time when rumors regarding Lil Mabu’s alleged arrest warrant were already making rounds on social media. 

A Twitter user dismissed all the hype regarding Lil Mabu’s gangster vibe, arrest warrant speculation, and wanted a picture. 

The user tweeted that Lil Mabu has absolutely no weapons and blatantly called his songs s*it. 

Lil Mabu’s wanted image first made it to Instagram on February 18th, 2022. Reportedly, the New York City Police Department put up his pictures under the category “Perpetrator-Probable Cause For Arrest.”

Some sources claimed that the police wanted him on account of his link to a chain of harassment events involving artists Peter Davidson and Ye. 

Moreover, the police quoted him to be an armed and dangerous individual. 

Despite the speculation involving Lil Mabu murder charges, he is roaming freely on the streets with no fear of getting arrested. 

Moving forward, let’s get an insight into Lil Mabu’s personal life, his age, and his net worth. 

Lil Mabu age and net worth

The teen rapper, drill artist, and vocalist is currently 18 years old. He was born on April 4th, 2005, to parents, Peter and Jane DeLuca. 

His successful rapping career has had quite a fruitful financial outcome. In 2023, Lil Mabu’s net worth is estimated to be $1.25 million. 

Mabu’s millions of followers have gotten him to a point of extreme financial stability. 

Lil Mabu parents 

When someone as interesting as Lil Mabu gets famous, their parents also become the center of public attention.

Similarly, the rapper’s fans have been actively searching for Lil Mabu’s parents and their take on their son’s infamous activities. 

The names of Lil Mabu’s parents are Peter and Jane DeLuca. There’s not much information available about their careers and personal lives. 

Whether Lil Mabu has any siblings or not is a mystery to date. The teen rapper appears to lead a comparatively private life. 

Some sources were successful in discovering Lil Mabu’s parents’ profession, but the authenticity of this information is not known. 

Reportedly, Lil Mabu’s mother, Jane is a nurse, and his father, Peter is a funeral director. Lil Mabu’s father was also involved in a scandal with two corrupt judges, but the outcome of the case is hidden from the public. 

It looks like Lil Mabu takes after his father and likes to live a scandalous life. 

Although his parents’ professions are extremely different from his, they still lend him their full support in pursuing his musical career.

Exploring the truth behind Lil Mabu murder charges 

Fortunately, Matthew Peter DeLuca, more commonly known as Lil Mabu, has no real murder charges imposed on him. 

The rumors associating him with a murder are completely false and baseless. The violence that Lil Mabu talks about is only limited to his songs. 

Like every other rapper, Mabu uses foul language in his songs and might have hinted toward owning guns and weapons. 

In reality, he doesn’t own weapons and is a non-violent individual.