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Lindsey Graham Wife: How The Eligible Bachelor Has Never Found His Mrs. Right

lindsey graham wife

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, popularly known for his forthright personality and candidness, has been in the news recently regarding his upcoming re-election bid – but years before, his love life was highly discussed in the media. 

At 67 years of age, he continues to be one of Washington’s most eligible bachelors and prefers to remain single. 

Receiving much curiosity from the public, Graham once opened up about coming close to marriage during the time he served at Rhein-Main Air Base from 1984-88 when he was in his 20s. 

Despite nearly walking down the aisle with a special someone, their paths ultimately ended in different directions. One never knows what secrets Senator Lindsay Graham is holding back these days – but as he continues on this election journey, we may just find out more about them soon!

John had always been a fighter; life hadn’t come easily for him and he felt determined to make the most of his freedoms. 

But when Sylvia, the Lufthansa flight attendant, and roommate of his roommate’s girlfriend came rolling into his life, he couldn’t help but feel a different kind of fear. 

Before long they were deeply in love, but then events beyond their control meant that they had to part. John was heartbroken but never forgot the amazing time they shared together. 

Sadly even after years had passed, he could still never escape the longing he felt for her that existed deep within his soul – his lost love forever missing in action!

Is Lindsey Graham married?

Despite becoming a U.S. Senator in 2003, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham is still unmarried to this day – his closest brush with marriage has been in his late 20s to a flight attendant he met while living in Germany. 

In an interview, Graham said he almost married her, but the relationship didn’t last because of the belief his potential wife would not want to leave her elderly mother behind in Germany. 

This was further cemented when Graham caused a stir with the press when asked about the matter regarding his private life and political stances. Despite all this, Graham is still very much unmarried, which could explain why he is so humored by questions from the media about it.

His response left many wondering what a ‘rotating first lady’ would look like, and who would comprise the rotating pool. 

It was almost as if he were simultaneously proposing a unique concept while attempting to highlight the multifaceted nature of his friendships. Upon further inspection, it was revealed that those in question included some of Hollywood’s biggest power players, veteran statesmen, and the rare entrepreneur or two. 

While his reply certainly made its rounds among media outlets and prompted an array of reactions, one thing remains certain: whoever fills the role of First Lady will be someone with charisma, finesse, and a certain aura of mystery.

Does he have any children?

Graham has certainly taken the road less traveled when it comes to marriage and children. In 2015, he told Politico that, while a good family and children are a blessing, there’s nothing wrong about not having them; single people can still have a family

This may be in reference to the strong bond he has with his aunt and uncle, who he says took care of him and to whom he tries to do the same. 

To those who wonder “Why are you single?” Graham would answer that there’s no need for an answer: being single doesn’t mean one is defective or ineligible for anything in life. 

Instead, embracing singleness as equally as we embrace couples can help break down barriers and stigmas that surround it.