Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Technology

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In today’s world, where are priorities matter, our resistance to a smartphone are weak and it is only because our world is now surrounded by it. Our society is unable to not check their phones every 20 minutes. It had become a necessity to check your Facebook app every 15 min as an instinct, technology has taken a lot of our attention. We can make this habit of checking our phones more productive and more interesting by unlocking a bigger secret to make your life easier day by day. With the help of some tricks, you can find useful to use in everyday life.

It depends on you if you want to increase your focus at work when your surf the internet, or thinking to change your habits to be more productive and creative and learn something new every day in our life.

Use your IPAD as your second Monitor to operate:

Making space in your web browser isn’t enough no matter how digital is your jobs can, or your research can be, the research for your assignment or your planning of vacations wouldn’t that easy with articles in every tab would be enough in your screen space. It is usually become compact and give us such irritation of being too much compressed and you start to lose concentration in between.

Now, this is where your IPAD comes helpful by doubling it against your laptop as the second Monitor. You can easily share the screen into more better and bigger screen, it would be easier to move around and help your emails inbox, articles, design software to catch up on. Using a Duet Display that you can get from an app store. It’d be easier to use on your PC or Mac. All you have to do is pulled to down and set the plug on the iPad into your laptop.

Ipad and technology

Arrange Chrome to block stalling:

During the workload at the office, everybody deserves a bit a break. It isn’t easy to work for continuous 8 hours, the break can require anything a funny video about cats or dogs or babies or chatting with a friend in google hangout, messenger or twitter direct messages. There’s a trick to access to make sure you don’t waste time on these activities which are unrelated to work for far too long.

You can download an extension if you are using an extension named StayFocused, which makes sure that you don’t get distracted too. This extension is for the limited website. Such option is there like 10 minutes as the default option and once the time is done, the website will show you as temporarily inaccessible.


Have your voice recognition to remind you of your task later on:

This is easily predictable, we forget things and appointments are set up, as you glance at your phone you see you missed out your dinner invitation from a friend or email that requires your follow up thinking to respond to later and out of workload we usually forget. Apple‘s Siri or Google Voice can come very helpful at this time. For a mail to check up on or remind to go to dinner with a friend you easily voice commence to remind about this later and voila you have a follow-up.

Google Voice Recognition technology

Plan time-sensitive emails in Gmail:

There’s a way to remind yourself to email but what to do when you have to mail a certain colleague or client but the client or colleague is out of a country or on a vacation. At this time we usually think it is ok to remind yourself once again and once again you might forget but there’s a  way to prevent this circle. Google has an extension called Boomerang add-on for Gmail which allows you to write your emails and scheduled for later on and it is sent at the later time as you have desired.

Once you have installed the plugin, you can just click on the send later button which will appear below the send option. From there, you have an option of sending out your mail, from one hour to more (in a few days as well), it is completely custom time and date.

Boomerang for Gmail

Your Smartphone can be a Scanner:

One of the most useful tricks is to use your phone as a scanner for your work-related documentation, as our technology is evolving, our phones have become biggest and most important elements of our life. Using the phone as your scanner can help you in various ways of documenting a file or sharing when it is completely necessary. For this an app called Evernote Scannable comes handy to scan your documents, receipts, memo ’s, business card, all kinds of form and it become more than useful by using your smartphone camera.

Adobe has also launched an app for this, Adobe scan which provides the same functions as well.

Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference With Your Technology

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