Sensational Logan Paul Girlfriend Video Goes Viral

Logan Paul Girlfriend Video Goes Viral

The internet has been abuzz lately due to a leaked Logan Paul Girlfriend Video featuring Nina Agdal, who also happens to be his fiancée. 

In this intriguing video, Agdal humorously pleads for a “big fat sausage,” playfully suggesting that she’s been deprived of intimacy for a while. 

The video found its way onto the web through Dillon Danis, the fighter set to take on Paul in London on October 14.

Predictably, this video has ignited a storm of controversy, leaving many to wonder whether it was all in good fun or a genuine cry for assistance.

Who is Nina Agdal?

So, who is Nina Agdal? She’s a Danish model and actress renowned for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and various advertisements for brands. 

Brands like Victoria’s Secret, Bebe, and Macy’s. Over the years, Agdal has been linked to several high-profile celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Levine.

Logan Paul and Nina Agdal’s Relationship

Turning our attention to Logan Paul and Nina Agdal’s relationship, the two YouTube stars recently made headlines with their engagement. 

Despite some recent challenges brought about by Dillon Danis’ online attacks featuring pictures of Agdal with other men, the couple remains inseparable. 

Paul, in an appearance on Andrew Schulz’s podcast Flagrant, expressed unwavering support for his partner. 

Brushing off the online trolling, saying, “Some internet troll posing as a fighter won’t come between us.” 

Paul remains confident that the leaked video won’t impact their relationship, focusing instead on his upcoming fight with Danis.

The Leaked Video

Now, let’s delve into the controversial leaked video. It was initially shared by Dillon Danis on social media, instantly going viral. 

In the footage, Agdal is seen laughing as she jests about her need for a “big fat sausage,” emphasizing the requirement that it be free of any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The video’s nature has left many puzzled, with uncertainty about whether it was a humorous act or a genuine plea for help. 

Reports have indicated the ongoing speculation surrounding Agdal’s motivations for sharing such personal thoughts online.

Reaction on Social Media

Social media has erupted with reactions to the leaked video, and it’s been predominantly negative. 

Many have labeled it as “disgraceful” and “shameful.” 

Opinions on the authenticity of Agdal’s intentions vary, with some considering it a joke and others accusing her of seeking attention and compromising her dignity. 

There are also calls for Danis to be held accountable for disseminating the video.

Logan Paul’s Response

As for Logan Paul’s response, he’s kept relatively quiet about the matter. However, he briefly mentioned it during his appearance on Andrew Schulz’s podcast Flagrant. 

Paul appears unfazed by the video, reiterating his unwavering support for his fiancée. 

He even commended Dillon Danis for his trolling abilities and shared a laugh about the memes featuring his girlfriend but expressed confidence in defeating Danis in the ring.


The leaked video featuring Nina Agdal has ignited substantial controversy and prompted strong reactions on social media. 

While some have defended Agdal, others have criticized her for sharing such personal sentiments online. 

Regardless of the online chatter, Logan Paul remains steadfast in his support for his fiancée, and the couple looks forward to their future together, undeterred by internet opinions.

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