Lois Griffin’s Hoax Death Trends On TikTok – Prank Went Viral

Lois Griffin's Hoax Death Trends On TikTok

Lois Griffin’s Hoax death trends on TikTok and the internet got no chill. 

Pranks have long been one of the easiest ways to gain views on TikTok and Instagram, and the “Lois Griffin dead at 43” prank is the latest to join the host of other harmless ones on social media sites.

Celebrity death pranks are one of the most popular trends circulating on the internet.

Unlike death hoaxes, which often spread misinformation, pranks are known to be false and done only to spark hilarious reactions.

The latest prank based on the Family Guy character involves netizens telling others that Lois Griffin is dead while recording their reactions to the news.

Some even posted memes and funny reactions to the prank. Several netizens also googled to check who the character is.

Who is Lois Griffin? The Character is explored as a prank based on her storming the internet, causing confusion

Louis Griffin is a character from the popular television animated sitcom, Family Guy. She is the wife of the main character Peter Griffin and mother to Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin.

She is voiced by Alex Borstein, a Chicago-born actress, and comedian who is also known for her supporting character in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Borstein’s performance on Family Guy garnered her a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance in 2013. She also received the same award for Outstanding Supporting Actress as Susie Myerson on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

The Family Guy-inspired trend has incited a range of reactions, with many people exclaiming that they saw her on TV just last week, or that they will “really miss her.” At the other end of the spectrum are those people who are confused about who Lois is.

Many netizens also associated the death of the animated character with the death of the actress who voiced her. This has prompted a search for clues about Alex Borstein’s health.

It is safe to say that Alex Borstein is alive and well as of December 2022. She has been extremely active on social media, with her last video surfacing on Instagram on December 25, 2022.

Twitter responds to the prank

Apart from the videos created by TikTokers, several memes have surfaced regarding the same. Netizens uploaded hilarious gifs and video clips recording their own reactions as well as the reactions of others after hearing the prank news.

Other celebrities have been subjected to similar social media pranks and the reactions incited by these pranks are hilarious and endearing at the same time.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, and Keith Morrison have been used as the subject of these pranks.

All of the mentioned celebrities are alive and well, including multiple Emmy award-winning Alex Borstein, the voice of Lois Griffin.

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