Louis Orr Cause Of Death – How Did He Die?

Louis Orr Cause Of Death

Louis Orr’s cause of death was disclosed after he passed away in his bed, leaving his followers in sadness and grief. 

Everyone was devastated to hear of his unexpected passing, and Louis passed away at 64.

Former Siena men’s basketball coach and Syracuse great Louis Orr passed away on Thursday, December 15, 2022, following a fight with pancreatic cancer, according to a statement released by his family on Friday through Georgetown.

Recently, it was discovered that the basketball player and coach were ill and in hospice before his death.

Louis Orr was a former New York Knicks forward, Syracuse University star, and head coach at Seton Hall. Before moving to Syracuse to play collegiate basketball for four seasons under Jim Boeheim, Louie was a high school basketball star in the Cincinnati region.

Following Cuse, Orr entered the NBA Draft and was chosen by the Pacers in the second round. Louis stayed in Indiana for two seasons.

In New York, Orr picked up playing professionally again, spending six seasons with the Knicks. With whom Louis later coached at Georgetown, Patrick Ewing was a teammate.

Throughout his NBA career, Orr averaged roughly 10 points and four rebounds per game.

Early in the 1990s, Louis began his coaching career as an assistant coach, doing stints at Xavier, Providence, and his alma mater, Syracuse, for JB.

Orr was hired as the head coach at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, replacing Tommy Amaker, who had recently left for Michigan after a dismal season, after coaching for one year at Sienna in New York.

Condolences were sent his way 

The basketball community grieves over Orr’s passing news. Former players, coaches, and teammates have all expressed their sorrow over the loss of a fine man and a good coach.

Statement from Seton Hall Athletics

 Seton Hall management released their statement, “The loss of Louis Orr, our former men’s basketball head coach, saddens Seton Hall Athletics. Louis was a great instructor, a gentleman, and a role model for young guys. He had a significant impact on our department and aided our student-athletes in reaching their full potential in just five short years. The entire family of Louis and his wife Yvette are sent our sincere sympathies, and we will keep him in our thoughts as he achieves eternal rest. Everyone will sincerely miss him.”

Longtime Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim wrote on social media that Louis Orr was “the greatest man I’ve had the privilege to know.He entered my life as my first recruit, went on to become an excellent coach and teammate, but most significantly, he became closer to me as a friend. I will cherish the time we spent together. I’m sending my regards to his family as well as the Orange clan.”

The men’s basketball team at Syracuse also released a statement lamenting the passing of “an Orange legend – a player, a coach, and most importantly, a fantastic guy who improved everyone around him.We will always remember Louis Orr, especially every time we look up and see his No. 55 in the Dome rafters.”