Louise Ogborn: What Happened To Her?

Louise Ogborn: What Happend To Her?

Louise Ogborn is the sole survivor of a series of horrifying sexual assaults carried out via proxy.

She started working at a McDonald’s restaurant in Washington in 2007. She was 18 years old.

When she picked up the phone, a man was identified as a police officer. He demanded to talk to her manager. She was working two shifts in a row.

The authorities later identified the purported officer as David Richard Stewart. It’s reported to the manager at Ogborn’s.  

It was that an employee working there had stolen a bag belonging to a woman. And he went on to identify the young employee.

Stewart was eventually recognized as the culprit by the authorities.

He proposed that the employee be searched at the restaurant by the manager. Or that the police pick up the employee. Meanwhile, he questioned at the station. Either way, he presented both options to the employee.

It was determined later that Stewart was innocent of the charges. On October 31, 2006, he was found not guilty of all counts of the investigation.

What happened to Louise Ogborn?

Louise Ogborn was then 18 years old. He was working at a McDonald’s when her manager approached her and asked to talk with her. 

Ogborn’s employer Donna Summers was on the phone with a man. The calling man said he was a police officer. And said he had received information on a theft occurrence from a confidential source. 

It was alleged that she took a pocketbook belonging to a patron without permission.

Ogborn consented to be searched by her boss and then led the manager into her office, where the imposter told the manager to force Ogborn to disrobe naked.

She was provided an apron to cover herself, but her other clothing was later removed.

The phony cop then instructed the manager to observe the innocent worker. At the same time, she was coerced into touching herself and performing exercises while naked to demonstrate that she wasn’t trying to hide anything.

When the manager informed the “cop” that she had to return to duty and hadn’t found anything, the officer ordered her to phone her fiancé and have him wait with the young girl. He also instructed the management to tell the “cop” that she had to return to her duties.

The restaurant manager did as she was instructed, and her fiancé, Walter Nix Jr., arrived at the establishment to keep an eye on Ogborn.

She was instructed by the”officer” to continue the assault on Ogborn for hours.

At long last, the assistant managers realized that the individual on the other end of the phone was experiencing significant difficulties and took action.

Where is she now?

Because of the extreme PTSD and trauma she experienced due to the crimes, Louise decided to cancel her enrollment at the University of Louisville.

After undergoing intense therapy for multiple years, she finally decided to take legal action against McDonald’s for inadequate protection, citing previous crimes similar to the 2002 incident detailed in filed documents.

She said they were in charge of informing their workers aboof scam calls that hurt her.

An award of $5.1 million in punitive damages and $1.1 million in compensatory damages and expenses was made to Louise by a jury in 2007.

She did not receive punitive damages due to McDonald’s refutation of her allegations and subsequent $1.1 million deal with her.

Louise is wed to Jason Bolin In her thirties. They both share two daughters.