Lufkin Road Middle School Principal Died Unexpectedly, What Is The Cause Of Her Death?

Lufkin road middle school principal died

On November 21, Karen Sinders, the principal of Lufkin Road Middle School, passed away suddenly. 

Her cause of death has not been made public yet. 

A longtime Wake County principal who passed away suddenly at work on Monday is remembered as an authoritarian leader who loved her kids dearly. 

The news that Karen Sanders, the school’s principal for the previous ten years, had passed away shocked the families at Lufkin Road Middle in Apex on Monday. 

Her husband, Gregg Sinders, described her as a strong leader who would leave a legacy of service.

‘She was able to continue doing what she liked doing, which was caring for and helping students! She was as much in need of them as they were of her.’ Gregg Sinders stated in a Tuesday interview. 

As a mark of respect for her life, the water tower in front of the Apex Town Hall was painted red on Tuesday. 

Mayor Jacques Gilbert said she was the community’s shining example. Gilbert and Sinders collaborated on the foundation for the Apex Public School. 

‘She was a strong leader with a broad impact on the school and the community at large. Both the students and the staff at this Lufkin Middle School will miss her dearly. During this difficult time, our prayers are with her family and friends,’ The school district’s message was read.

The school district expects pupils to experience anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, or vulnerability. To help assist families during this trying time, the community also teamed up with Transitions GriefCare. 

‘Sinders will be dearly missed,’ according to the PTA at Lufkin Road Middle. 

The PTA wrote on Facebook on Monday night, ‘Mrs. Sinders was a fierce advocate for Lufkin Road and a clear leader for the students, faculty, and school. The PTA remembers her as a gracious woman who had a great understanding that Lufkin is more than just a school for many of our students.’

According to Gregg Sinders, his wife began her career in education as an Apex High School attendance clerk. 

Their kids went to Wake County schools. Later, the family relocated to Indiana, where Sinders was born.

Sinders, 62, went on to work in Indiana as a teacher, an assistant principal, and a principal. 

In 2012, she returned to North Carolina and took the helm at Lufkin Middle. Sanders was one of the principals who worked at the same school the longest.

Gregg Sanders remarked, ‘Karen never did anything for attention. But the parents, relatives, and students were aware of her devotion to them.’

Condolences were sent her way

Since the news of her death broke, numerous condolence messages have been sent.