Luka Modrić Wife, Vanja Bosnic – Where Is She Now?

Luka Modric Wife vanja bosnic

Luka Modrić’s wife, Vanja Bosnic, has been together for 11 years, and the couple looks ideal. 

Luka Modrić is a professional football player who is a midfielder for Real Madrid in Spain. He also captains Croatia’s national team. 

He can play as an attacking or defensive midfielder but generally operates as a deep-lying playmaker in the middle of the field.

He is usually known for being the best midfielder of his generation and the greatest Croatian player of all time.

Furthermore, Vanja and Modric have been married for more than a decade and are enjoying a satisfying, and happy life with their kids. 

In 2007, she got to know Luka as a client while Mamic Sports Agency employed her.

At the time, Luka was 19 years old, starting his career, and dealing with many difficulties.

A three-hour business conversation they had while Luka was being transferred from Dinamo Zagreb to Tottenham Hotspur.

Later, they began to understand each other better. They dated for around three years before getting married in May 2010.

After that, Modric’s wife quit the organization and relocated to Tottenham with her husband. 

The two got married in May 2010 in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

After leaving Mamic, Vanja took on the role of the midfielder’s agent and sealed a lucrative contract to bring him to Real Madrid in 2012.

Sources claim that despite experiencing many ups and downs throughout her life, Vanja never decided to give up. 

She supported her husband on his quest as a devoted and selfless wife.

She is a dedicated mother who provides the best upbringing for her kids, and because she is a private person, unlike other WAGs, she has entirely given up on social media.

Once Luka said in his Interview, “from the day she met me as a man with nothing but talent, she sacrificed herself entirely to me and our family. If it hadn’t appeared in my life when I was nineteen, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we are so proud of today.”

The couple shares three children

Vanja and Luka welcomed a son on June 6, 2010, given the name Ivano Modric, three weeks after their marriage.

Their first daughter Ema Modric was born on April 24, 2013, and Sofia Modric, their second daughter, was born on October 2, 2017. 

She has given up her goals to care for her children because she is a highly committed mother.

Vanja’s biography

Vanja was born on July 18, 1982, into a Christian family in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

She was born and raised in Kutina, a town located 8 kilometers from Zagreb, and moved there when she was 11.

She began working at Mamic Sports Agency in 2005 after completing her economics degree at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Economics and Business.

Before meeting Luka and deciding to support him in his struggle, she spent two years working in the Agency’s administration.

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