Best Luxury Watches for Men That Reflects Your Style In 2021

Best Luxury Watches for Men That Reflects Your Style

If you’re looking for a brand new and innovative men’s watch that is breaking the fashion market, the sheer volume of brands that are out there can be a lot overwhelming. Trust me, we know. So which luxury watches are those that are meant to never go out of fashion and actually matter?


You might be feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start. Well, no need to worry now. You are at the right place.

2021 is the start of a brand new era which… feels a lot like the last one, as hard as that was.

In a country like Switzerland, those big and luxury watch brands don’t let a little pandemic get to them and push them down. This year is already shaping up to our lives and is a demonstration of exquisite craftsmanship, unparalleled aesthetic sensibility, and a passion for crossing all boundaries that have distinguished some brands as the best luxury watchmakers presently.

What adds more value to it is the best luxury watches and also possibly the brands continue to say far more about the person wearing them than any tech ever could.

A watch is said to be a status symbol and each luxury wrist-watch for men is thus a personal representation of his taste, identity, sportiness, class, elegance and sophistication, sometimes all at once.

Below listed we have gathered our favorite new watches that you can purchase with just a single click and know more about what features enhance them. We aim to make 2021 the best year ever for you that you can start with style and sophistication and here are the best luxury watches for men of the year to prove it.

Our top picks for best luxury watches for men

1: Seiko

Professional divers don’t really tend to wear diving watches these present days. Or somewhat, the diving watches that they do try to tend to be wrist-mounted computers, with numerical displays and sensors for approximately everything from the desired oxygen levels to every type of pressure readings.

But divers do tend to wear watches from Seiko’s Prospex line, which is why it’s the only brand acceptable to bear the logo and enjoy the reputation of being unique of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

The most prominent addition to their ongoing collaboration is a take on Seiko’s ‘Sumo’, with super-legible Lumibrite hands and markers, plus the signature look that they propose and 4 o’clock screw down crown and Pepsi bezel.

2: Baume et Mercier

Not every top luxury watch has to cost you an arm and a leg. Baume ET Mercier is the best that you can have and at alarmingly affordable rates. Supported by nearly 200 years of skill, knowledge and a substantial amount of celebrity endorsement, these luxury watches combines one of the best sport and style and conventionally sell for among $2000 and $5000. That makes them far more reasonable than some other high-end luxury watches, while visually no less magnificent. This brand is an exquisite choice for those people looking for a prime and elegant mid-range luxury watch that speaks of their style.

3: Audemars Piguet

Founded in 1875 by the very respectable Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet, Audemars Piguet produces 36,000 of their admired timepieces annually. As a matter of fact, Tiffany & Co and Bulgari take inspiration from this brand’s movements. This luxury watch brand is also famous for creating the first steel luxury sports watch that also provides luxury. This was named the Royal Oak in 1972. But years later, in 1993, the brand shaped and fashioned the first oversized watch and named it the Royal Oak Offshore.

4: Arnold & Son

The “Arnold” in Arnold & Son is John Arnold, a renowned British watchmaker who’s accredited with releasing and putting in the market the first official ‘chronometer’ which gives watches the credibility and capability of exceptional accuracy. The company itself had various different owners many times since John’s day, however an astonishing standard of advancement and accuracy remains. Many releases consist of complex features like for instance: double escapement and double tourbillon, which unite with immaculate designs to become some of the best luxury watches that a man can own that also depicts style. Check out the TB88 to be impressed by just giving it one similar look.

5: Baume

Borne of the classic ‘et Mercier’ brand, Baume is an offshoot that is more focused towards sustainability and is economically focused. Along with the 10600, you have a watch manufactured by one of the most reputable, well-known and respected brands there is in the field that comes under the list for under £500, and made of upcycled and using recycled materials where possible to its utmost advantage. It gives it a unique and appealing look to it while maintaining its functionality.

If you want to start 2021 with a good start and an aim to succeed, Baume is an outstanding brand to kick off proceedings.

6: Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross launched in 1992 and has been slaying and releasing awesome timepieces ever since. One of the main reasons for the continuing success is that its mastered niche markets like one of the diver’s watch. Principally, Bell & Ross makes extremely resilient and robust timepieces that usually target a particular demographic or profession. That being stated, these watches are mostly liked and worn by people of good taste and sophistication.

7: Breguet

Launched in 1775, Breguet is one of the world’s most traditional and best watch brands for men that offers exclusivity with modernity with their traditional timepieces.

Among its slew of new and innovative ideas along with technological achievements was the creation of the most exquisite watch, the tourbillon and production of the very first wristwatch. Now particularly possessed by Swatch Group, Breguet remains to display discrepancy and brilliance by means of coin-edge cases, architectural and unique dials, and inimitable blue hands.

8: Rado

Named especially after the British explorer who discovered New Zealand, Rado’s Captain Cook was first invented in the Sixties, and not aboard the ships of ponytailed colonists. Presently, the archival piece is accessible in the enduring case material du jour – bronze – with a radiant forest green dial.

What set it apart is its complex features, and one that will keep Captain Cook in good reputation: upon its invention, Rado’s dive watch was most amazing reputed as one of the best in class and sophistication. That hasn’t changed much since then. In today’s date and age you can even achieve it on a Nato strap.

9: Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer’s third-generation smartwatch, features a more sophisticated design and additional sensors for sporty people. A brand new dedicated Sports app is also installed that uses GPS plus heart rate, compass, accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors to keep a track of activities such as golf, running and cycling and the steps that you walk. Tag Heuer has also been capable enough to make this itineration physically smaller by concealing the antennas underneath a new ceramic bezel, in addition to putting the screen much closer to that of the sapphire glass. It also has looks that resemble more like a traditional watch.

10: Hamilton

There was a time, the industry wasn’t specifically said to be centered in Switzerland. American manufacturing also played a part in the watch business too, equipping small town Main Street aesthetics with big inspiring movements. Hamilton was at the lead.

Now, it’s reissued a 1968 archival piece in the year 2020. It’s got stirring Swiss entrails nowadays, yes, but if we talk about the looks and what is on the outlook of it, Not much has changed and has been altered since then. To reflect on the luxury and extravagance of a diamond-laden automatic from the Jura, there’s as much charm in a Midwestern sensibility.

10: Rolex

You will have the attention of the people once you have a Rolex on the wrist which is considered a serious investment. And therefore, a serious watch. Though for all the impressive Wall Street presence of a big Day-Date, the industry’s most renowned and the biggest brand is releasing watches that are fun to use, more playful watches just like the newly released Oyster Perpetual 36.

It was quietly released just a little time back, a tangerine dial fit on stainless steel is the off-duty Rolex collectors have long been waiting for, the Oyster Perpetual 36 sits within a greater collection of five watches that comes in different vibrant shades of candy floss pink, forest green, sky blue and blood red which makes it even more amusing.

11: Jaeger Le-Coultre

There’s something magestic about this striking wristwatch, especially so if it’s manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre, whose family of dress watches are surely unmatched. They provide quality while the first Memovox was released and invented in the Fifties, one of the first generations of wristwatches to come with a ringing and a vibrating alarm complication. Sounds pretty amusing! The 2020 version has quite a few changes like it has been slimmed down and neatened up, and features a completely new and innovative movement. It’s stunningly proportioned, extremely exquisite and astonishingly loud and portrays a totally unique style. It is indeed known as a modern classic.

12: Patek Philippe

This particular Swiss brand, Patek Phillipe & Co was initially founded in 1851. The watches boast complex mechanics and follow a unique and traditional style that has been worn by royalty in history. It is predominantly sophisticated, classic and exclusive with its distinctive signature style that is portrayed, this brand keeps its marketing steady with their campaigns to promote their products.

13: Timex

When it was initially launched in a limited run, Timex’s first watch took its inspiration from the military. It is an automatic watch was surprisingly sold out quicker than you could possibly imagine. Those who missed out this amazing opportunity now have another chance to grab a watch that channels Timex’s military heritage but adds clever guts like a 21-jewel Japanese automatic movement at such affordable rates that it will still leave you to change from £230. With only 100m water resistance it’s more of a desk diving watch than you could say it is a diver diving watch. But at that alarmingly affordable rate, nobody can object.

14: Junghans

There was a time that this German company was actually the biggest watch manufacturer worldwide. Presently, it maintains a pole position when it comes to the best-designed and renowned brands, which are noted for its clean dials and simple indices. Its relation with the Swiss architect and typeface designer Max Bill goes way back to the Fifties and is still thriving to live on in 2020 with this smooth and classy, stylishly proportioned day watch.

15: Seiko Prospex Black Series

This watch being inspired by the world of night diving, which may be the very first, Seiko’s newly launched series of dive watches are notable and varied by their none-more-black DLC-coated newly stainless steel cases. There are three models that are pretty much accessible: the SLA035J1 Professional, with the feature of water resistance to 1,000 feet (limited to 600 models), the SPB125J1 “Sumo”, a 45mm version (7,000 models) and the very uniquely designed solar-powered SSC761J1, (limited to 3,500 pieces).

16: Gucci Swiss Quartz and Alloy Dress Gold-Toned Men’s Watch

This watch is a Swiss Made ETA quartz movement along with a Sapphire with an anti-reflective coating inside. It also comprises of a Swiss-quartz Movement with a Case Diameter 38mm. It also has amazing features like being Water resistant to 50m which is 165ft: in general, perfectly appropriate for possibly shorter periods of recreational swimming, but not for the purposes of diving or snorkeling.

It has a smart gold look that adds more detail to the watch’s stylish retro look.

Luxury diving watches for men from seiko


Seiko Men’s Prospex X

Luxury watches for men

Watch from Seiko's Prospex line.
luxury men watch by Baume et Mercier


Baume et Mercier

Luxury watches for men

A sophisticated luxury timepiece.
Luxury watches for men byAudemars Piguet


Audemars Piguet | Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

Luxury watches for men

A powerful timepiece.
Arnold & son luxury watch for men


Arnold & Son

Luxury watches for men

Royal Collection TB88
baume stainsteel luxury men watch


Baume | Two Tone Stainless Steel

Luxury watches for men

Sapphire crystal and self winding luxury dress watch.
Luxury watches for men by bell & rose


Bell & Ross | Vintage Original

Luxury watches for men

Resilient and robust timepiece.
Breguet yellow gold mens luxury watch


Breguet | Yellow Gold

Luxury watches for men

Exclusivity with modernity.
Luxury watches for men by rado


Rado | Captain Cook

Luxury watches for men

Best in class and sophistication.
tag heuer luxury smart watches for men


TAG Heuer | Connected

Luxury watches for men

Sophisticated design and additional sensors for sporty people.
Hamilton jazzmaster luxury mens watch


Hamilton | Jazzmaster

Luxury watches for men

Open heart automatic black wrist watch.
Most luxury watches for men by rolex


Rolex | Oyster Perpetual 36

Luxury watches for men

Industry's most renowned and the biggest brand.
Jaeger LeCoultre luxury watches for men 2021


Jaeger Le-Coultre | Maestro Memovox

Luxury watches for men

Stunningly proportioned, extremely exquisite and astonishingly loud.
luxury platinum watch for men by patek philippe


Patek Philippe | Platinum

Luxury watches for men

Predominantly sophisticated, classic and exclusive.
Luxury heritage watches for men by timex


Timex | Navi XL

Luxury watches for men

Timex's military heritage.
luxury watches for men by junghans


Junghans | Max Bill Automatic

Luxury watches for men

Smooth, classy, and stylishly proportioned day watch.
Seiko prospex luxury watches for men


Seiko | Prospex Sumo Black Series

Luxury watches for men

Inspired by the world of night diving.
Gold toned luxury watches for men by gucci


Gucci | Alloy Dress Gold-Toned

Luxury watches for men

Stylish and aesthetic.

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